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How do I waive my health insurance?

To waive your health insurance online:

  • Go to 
  • Select “The Q” (student/faculty portal) DO NOT LOG IN.
  • Select the link at the bottom of the page under Helpful Links: Health Insurance Waiver Form. This will bring you out of our system to the web site of Gallagher/Koster, the company that manages the health insurance.
  • All students must “Create an Account” before waiving the insurance. Using your student ID: If your student ID is less than 9 digits, please add “000” to the FRONT of the ID for a total of 9 digits. Ex: If your ID is 123456, it should be entered as 000123456
  • Once the “Account is Created”, go to the top left corner and click “Student Waive”
  • Click on “I want to waive” red button

Please read carefully and answer all the questions then click “Click to Continue On”. Now you are ready to waive the insurance.

Fill out the required fields and select “Submit”. Print “Confirmation Sheet” for your records.