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Student Organizations and Clubs

Find out more information related to our Student Organizations and Clubs by visiting Wyvern Connect,  QCC's new student engagement portal

Your experience as a full or part-time college student is a unique period in your life. You will manage classes, work, and other responsibilities all while establishing new friendships with your peers. Student Organizations (clubs) are designed to add value to life on and off-campus. You will find endless opportunities to:

  • meet others, make connections, gain social contacts, establish friendships
  • participate in exciting experiences while learning about yourself and the world around you
  • develop and hone vital leadership skills
  • transfer classroom theory into practice
  • build your resume and portfolio
  • discover your values, potential and campus spirit

As a member of the QCC Community, we know you will contribute in working to make our campus even more vibrant by becoming involved! 

If you would like more information on how to join a Student Organization or start a new Student Organizations that fits your passions or interests please stop by the Fuller Student Center or email Student Life at studentlife [at] for more information! 

QCC Student Organizations

Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are organizations that currently have student members and have approval from the Office of Student Life to host meetings, events, and fundraisers. 

To see the list of active student organizations at this time, please visit Wyvern Connect

Below you can find this list of active or reactivating Student Organizations at QCC! 

Art and Design Club 

The purpose of this organization is to act as a hub for QCC students who are interested in becoming more involved in art and design-based activities. Our activities will range between making art, peer critique, and club projects, with a focus on how art and design can have an effective and enriching presence throughout the QCC community.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union advocates the needs of black students at QCC, while empowering, teaching, discussing and exploring the black experience. BSU actively collaborates with the Diversity Caucus at QCC to help build awareness on campus. 


CampusOne80 is QCC's on campus ministry; The vision of CampusOne80 is to empower student leaders who are committed to transforming their campuses with the Gospel, one life at a time. 

Cheerleading Club

The Cheerleading Club is a group of students that have the passion to cheer and are willing to showcase it to the QCC campus community. In the past this group, has cheered at home and away QCC men’s and women’s basketball games. 

Chess Club

The Chess Club brings students together that have an interest in chess through open play and tournaments. All students are welcome no matter their level of knowledge or experience. 

Christian Student Union (Campus Ministry)*

The Christian Student Union purpose is glorify God on the campus of Quinsigamond Community College by establishing and advancing a loving community of students and faculty that exists to know Jesus Christ and make him known through personal relationship with Christ, meaningful friendships with one another and engagement in Christ’s mission to impact the world.

The Creative Writers Club*

The Creative Writers Club provides a positive and productive atmosphere for developing student creative writers to connect, learn, and grow. The club seeks to help students embrace their creativity and develop their craft through varied programming during the school year. The club is open to all Quinsigamond Community College students interested in writing prose and poetry.

Criminal Justice Club*

The Criminal Justice Club's purpose is to provide all of the students of the college community with a liaison to the various criminal justice professions including but not limited to: police, probation, prison/correctional, legal, and all other local, county, state and federal public safety and legal professions

Dental Hygiene and Assisting Clubs

The Dental Hygiene clubs’ purpose is to promote professionalism and maintain active participation in the American Dental Hygiene Association. The clubs are dedicated to promoting Dental Health Education and service in the community. The Dental Clubs are open to students registered in the Dental Programs and are comprised of three clubs:

  • First Year Dental Hygiene Club
  • Second Year Dental Hygiene Club
  • Dental Assisting Club

Early Childhood Education Club

The Early Childhood Education Club offers students enrolled in the Early Childhood Program an opportunity to support their profession, families, and children in this community. Students plan and participate in events, field trip, and fundraisers that enhance their professional knowledge and develop community relationships. 

Fun on the Spectrum

The Purpose of Fun on the Spectrum (FOTS) is to offer the student body at QCC socialization, education, community, and advocacy with and for autistic individuals. 

Gaming & Anime Club

The Gaming and Anime Club unites students in their hobbies of anime viewership and participatory gaming. Through these common interests, the club deepens its members' knowledge by engaging the rich culture of Japanese animation and interacting with the creativity of the characters and vast fictional worlds of electronic and tabletop gaming. To students with a fledging interest or lifelong passion, The Anime and Gaming Club offers comradery among peers sharing in the enjoyment of parsing these niche genres of entertainment.

Human Service Club*

The purpose of this club is to promote an interest in Human Service activities among students. Students are involved in advocacy, outreach, and fund raising, which support student efforts to participate in activities such as meetings and conferences throughout the state and the nation.  

Multicultural Club*

The Multicultural Club's mission is to promote cultural awareness and understanding, as well as to connect students with the college and broader community. We strive to increase opportunities for students to learn, celebrate, and appreciate the beauty of all cultures represented on campus and around the world. 

Nursing Clubs

The Nursing clubs are designed to provide its members with an opportunity to identify with the nursing profession and to foster intellectual, educational and social activities related to nursing. The Nursing Clubs are open to students registered in the nursing and LPN programs. Each program has its own club in order to connect the nursing students within each program.  

The “Open Door” Digital Newsletter*

The Open Door is QCC's student-run digital newsletter. Look to the Open Door for important updates from various student offices, educational departments, as well as general campus news and happenings. Readers can expect to find helpful information on many aspects of the college as well as sports and entertainment news. We welcome photographs, drawings, poetry, creative writing, opinion pieces, other contributions, and suggestions. 

Phi Theta Kappa 

Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society for Community and Junior Colleges. The purpose of this scholastic society is to recognize and encourage fellowship, scholarship, leadership, and service among two-year college students. In pursuit of these ideals, its members enter into an intellectual and cultural fellowship that extends beyond a particular campus to regional and national networks.

For eligibility, Quinsigamond students are required to be enrolled in an associate degree program or certificate program, have a 3.5 QPA, have earned at least 16 academic credits, be of good moral character with recognized qualities of citizenship. The on-campus chapter is Alpha Zeta Theta.  It is, indeed, an honor for students to be selected to this prestigious organization.

To learn more, visit our Phi Theta Kappa Website.

Pride Alliance*

Pride Alliance's purpose is to increase awareness and understanding of LGBTQIA+ issues on campus and to give members a safe and open forum for discussion. Members share experiences and information about community happenings, and they work together on planning educational programs and social events. Membership is open to anyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

Psi Beta Honors Society 

QCC sponsors a local chapter of Psi Beta, a national honor society in psychology for community and junior colleges. The QCC Psi Beta chapter regularly meets along with the Psychology Club and provides the same opportunities for engaging with psychology as does the Psychology Club. However, members of Psi Beta receive additional benefits, such as recognition for academic excellence and eligibility to win Psi Beta awards. Due to its status as an honor society, students must meet certain standards of academic excellence to join. For more information contact chapter advisor Professor Valarie Clemente at vclemente [at] and visit the Psi Beta website at

Psychology Club

The QCC Psychology Club provides an opportunity for students to engage in psychology beyond the classroom. It provides a point of social contact for students interested in psychology and organizes numerous activities related to psychology. Recent activity highlights include organized participation in community outreach efforts and fund raising to provide guidance and support to local populations, awareness raising initiatives about suicide, and sponsorship of a guest lecture series in psychology. The club is open to all QCC students. For more information contact chapter advisor Professor Valarie Clemente at vclemente [at]

Radiologic Technology Club

The Radiologic Technology Club's purpose is to provide the College community with a liaison to the profession of Radiologic Technology and, specifically, to the Quinsigamond Radiologic Technology Program. The club serves as a vehicle to introduce its members to local, state, and national Radiologic Technology organizations and provide through social and educational functions, a means of expanding its members’ knowledge and appreciation of the profession.

Respiratory Care Club

This Respiratory Care Club provides a vehicle for Respiratory Care students to become further integrated into the student body outside the health programs. Its objectives are to promote group cohesiveness and personal growth, promote the respiratory care profession, and sponsor various fund raising events that will support students’ efforts to attend educational meetings.

S.H.E. (Support, Help, Encourage)

The S.H.E. club is a club envisioned to Support, Help and Encourage women in their academic, personal, and professional endeavors at Quinsigamond Community College (QCC). Providing participants with connections and opportunities to network within the QCC family communities. We strive to have fun and discuss relevant issues that pertain to women’s well-being.

More about S.H.E.

Student Government Association (SGA/Student Senate) 

The Student Government Association at Quinsigamond Community College (hereafter referred to as SGA) is an effort to establish a viable system of government for the students, and by providing a forum in which their voices may be heard.  This structure works to promote the rights of students, involvement in college affairs, student input in educational matters and communications among students, faculty, and the administration of Quinsigamond Community College; In addition, SGA ensures the continued advancement of an engaging student experience.

Veterans Club*

The Veterans Club’s purpose is to provide an array of support for veterans, their family members and students who are serving in the armed forces through activities on campus and in the community. The veterans club also provide members with comprehensive support services.

Wyvern MotorSports Club (WMS)

The purpose of WMS is to bring together QCC students with an interest in a automotive tech and motorsport to build connections. foster learning, and provide exposure to the vast world of automotive sports. 

*Student Organizations that are in the process of reactivating and might not have a full student officer board or meet actively at this time.