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Future Focus Program

Why choose Future Focus?

Entering college for the first time can be challenging. The Future Focus Program has been designed specifically for adult learners from adult basic education (ABE) programs. Students will have the opportunity to explore both academic and career interests in a supportive, cohort environment.   

The Future Focus Program is a one-year, part-time commitment that provides learners with the information and tools to succeed as they transition into higher education

What does Future  Focus offer?

Future Focus participants are enrolled as part-time college students, and attend classes in the daytime or evening. 

The Future Focus program covers:

  • college tuition and fees 
  • all course books 
  • school supplies
  • bus passes, if needed
  • career and academic advising

Classes include:

  • FYE 101 First Year Experience (Required in the first semester)
  • CIS 111 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications (Required in the first semester)
  • An English course
  • A Math course

Most importantly, Future Focus students receive comprehensive support from the Future Focus Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator, who acts as a career and academic advisor, guides and supports students as they make the transition to college.

What is your commitment?

Future Focus students are required to:

  • complete an official college application
  • fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Students enrolled in 9 credits or more in one semester will be charged with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandatory health insurance fee. Future Focus students with current health insurance coverage may waive this fee provided necessary forms are completed. The Future Focus Program Coordinator can guide students through this process. 

Once accepted into the program, Future Focus participants must successfully complete four courses – for a total of 12 credits – within one year from their start date. During this time, students must participate in the program orientation each semester, attend program workshops, consistently attend classes, complete coursework, and maintain regular contact with the Future Focus Program Coordinator.

Who can participate?

Future Focus applicants must have, within the last five years, participated in adult secondary education or ESOL/ESL programs funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Other applicants will be considered and enrolled depending upon program availability.

Applicants will be selected based upon the demonstrated ability to participate and complete all program components.

Applications are accepted for Fall or Spring semester.

Fall Semester (September)
Application must be submitted by July 15

Spring Semester (January)
Application must be submitted by December 13

Once the application and all required documents are submitted, an interview will be scheduled. If you have any questions, please contact Gilmarie Vongphakdy at 508.854.2876 or gvongphakdy [at]

Future Focus is funded by Quinsigamond Community College and a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education – Adult Community Learning System: Adult Basic Education Transition to Community College, fund code 668.

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