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Quinsigamond Community College Mentoring connects QCC students with staff, faculty, industry, and community members to create one-on-one mentoring relationships. This unique program provides extensive benefits to students, as well as professional development and networking opportunities for mentors.

Mentors work to help students develop their academic, social, and professional skills. Students are connected with academic supports at QCC, and learn skills to succeed in their classes. Mentors and Mentees join together for monthly events, to expand social networks and build community.  Through their work with mentors, students develop employer desired skills, gain an understanding of workplace expectations and have the opportunity to network; increasing the likelihood of finding a rewarding career.

All participants apply to be a part of the program. Once a mentor and mentee are matched, they will meet once per month for an hour or less for a full academic year. To learn more, you can read through our program handbook, call 508.854.4372, or email mentoring [at]

Mentoring: Lydia and Ben

Mentoring: Shirley and Nino

Mentoring: President Luis Pedraja and Kelvin

QCC Mentoring

QCC Mentoring matches QCC students with staff, faculty, and professionals from the Greater Worcester Community to build one on one mentoring relationships.  These relationships focus on academic encouragement, professional skill building, and social connections. 

All participants in QCC Mentoring are expected to meet once per month at one of our QCC Campuses, for up to one hour.  Mentors and Mentees will be expected to communicate as needed to schedule these meetings, and do their best to remain in contact. 

Prospective Mentors fill out an application.  Once the application is complete, a QCC Staff member will contact you, and we will schedule an in person interview, orientation, and criminal background check. 

Prospective Mentees can simply fill out an application. Once the application has been completed, a QCC Staff member will reach out and let you know when a suitable mentor has been found. 

We hope the mentoring relationship is built on respectful discussion regarding the Mentee’s academic, personal, and professional goals.  Each month, the QCC Mentoring team will send out “Area of Focus” activities, which can help guide the monthly sessions, and provide some context for your conversations. 

QCC Mentoring Staff will do their best to match mentees with mentors that are in a professional field that are of interest to the student that share common hobbies or interests, and that have similar availability to make their meetings.  Any answers that you provide in your application help us ensure that the match will be productive and engaging!

We ask that mentors and mentees stay matched for the full academic year.  At the end of the year evaluation, we will ask both participants to let us know if they are interested in keeping the same mentor.

QCC Mentoring Core Partners are Organizations or Companies that commit to sending 10 or more mentors to participate in the program.  Core Partners receive several key benefits, including on site mentor training and recruitment, a dedicated pipeline of mentees in a chosen field, QCC Mentoring visits and tours throughout the year, and co-sponsorship of QCC Mentoring Events.  If your organization is interested, please reach out to klewis [at]

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