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Commonwealth Honors Program

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The Honors Program at Quinsigamond Community College strives to motivate academically talented students to develop their fullest potential. In addition, the Program seeks to awaken and nurture a sense of humane citizenry and community responsibility within its members.The Honors Program at QCC is the ultimate college experience. Honors courses offer the students alternative learning opportunities to enhance critical thinking skills.

Honors courses “encourage student involvement. Although the course objectives are primarily the same as in the non-honors sections, the classes emphasize individual interpretation and analysis, creative thinking, oral communication, and writing . . . . The level of discussion is usually more intellectual and probing, and the student outcomes for the course may emphasize an improvement of critical thinking . . . . There is considerable agreement among honors professionals that an honors section is not formed by adding more work to the regular course.”
- National Collegiate Honors Council

The Honors Program at QCC is proud to be accredited by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education as a Commonwealth Honors Program. We are part of an integrated, collaborative system-wide network of honors programs in Massachusetts public higher education.

Students participating in the Honors Program:

  • Complete selected courses on an Honors level
  • Participate in an Honors Colloquium
  • Participate in Cultural and Social events
  • Receive personal guidance and peer support
  • Increase their transfer and scholarship opportunities
  • Have access to an Honors Lounge providing space for study, small gatherings and pursuit of research
  • Receive College-wide recognition