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QuEST Center

  • QCC Quest Center
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Quinsigamond Engineering, Science and Technology Center

Quinsigamond Engineering, Science, and Technology (QuEST) Center provides advanced academic and technical training needed to remain competitive in today’s STEM economy.

STEM Programming at QuEST

The QuEST center’s cutting edge technology and facilities enhances STEM programs at QCC, strengthening the educational pipeline for STEM careers in Massachusetts. From Pharmaceutical testing labs to industrial robotics, CAD/CAM studio to state-of-the-art Biology labs --  QuEST’s energy-efficient building offers three floors of lab space and equipment used in industry today. 

To provide a cost-effective, yet comprehensive beginning on these academic pathways, many of the newly designed programs provide seamless transfer to Bachelor programs in the UMass or Massachusetts State University system, as well as select private institutions.  These degrees are designed to maximize transfer credits to Bachelor’s degree programs, lowering your cost and preventing lost time at the four-year school due to missing prerequisites.  Academic innovations are also witnessed in QCC’s curriculum, such as guided pathways, Achievement Coaches, specialized STEM tutoring , Math Bootcamps and more.

Chart your academic and career path with one of our STEM Programs offered at QuEST:

  • Engineering
    This rigorous program strives to develop students’ ability and awareness to think critically, solve problems, foster a strong sense of global community, and work wisely and creatively to better themselves and the world in which they live. It also prepares students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities where they can continue their education in a variety of science fields. 
  • Mechatronics and Manufacturing Technology
    These programs prepare students with the vital skills for a successful career in advanced manufacturing. Students learn skills using state-of-the-art industry equipment, such as FANUC Industrial Robotics Training System, CAD/CAM software, and digital fabrication systems.  
  • Electronics Engineering Technology 
    Students build a foundation of core electronics skills to prepare for continued education in Electronics, Mechatronics, Photonics or Biomedical Instrumentation, or for entry into an entry level occupation.      
  • Biology
    Many careers such as physician, drug discovery biologist, neuroscientist, marine biologist, and genetic engineer require a Bachelor’s degree or beyond at a four-year institution. QCC’s Liberal Arts—Biology Option permits seamless transfer to any biology program in the UMass or MA State University system. Through QCC’s upgrade of bio lab equipment, students will receive training on the newest equipment. 
  • Biotechnology 
    The biotechnology certificate and Associate degrees and provides students with strong, practical foundation in Biotechnology and Lab Sciences. QuEST’s new labs help prep students technological competencies required by biotechnology companies, including drug discovery, gene cloning, manufacture of therapeutic proteins and development of diagnostic tests.
  • Pre Pharmacy
    This program provides students with a strong academic foundation on techniques and knowledge required for a 4 or 6 year degree in Pharmacy or related biological or biochemistry fields. In QuEST’s modern labs, students synthesize various pharmaceuticals, drug intermediate, and other molecules -- making QCC students more competitive and capable to face challenges onward in their future courses and careers. 
  • Chemistry
    Chemistry is the gateway to all science courses. Students interested in making a career in medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, polymer and processing chemistry, forensic chemistry, nano-chemistry, and number of such professional fields of chemistry will be off to a strong start with QCC’s Liberal Arts—Chemistry Option.

Other STEM Courses, such as Physics, Calculus, Natural Sciences and more, are also offered in the new QuEST Building.