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QCC student helps tutor a peer

The goal of tutoring at QCC is to engage students in the learning process and empower them to become independent, lifelong learners. Tutors support students in their coursework by working collaboratively, encouraging active learning, and modeling effective study and learning techniques.

QCC Tutoring Centers, located on the second floor of the Harrington Learning Center (HLC), provide a welcoming and supportive environment for currently-enrolled QCC students to receive free tutoring in a variety of subjects. When classes are in session, the Tutoring Centers are open Monday through Saturday during the Fall and Spring semesters, Monday through Friday during Intersession, and Monday through Thursday during Summer sessions. Online tutoring is available through Smarthinking.

Additional STEM course assistance, sponsored by the STEM Starter Academy, is available in the QuEST Center.

Check the links below for Math Center and Writing Center hours, for GAA and STEM Starter schedules, and information about Smarthinking online tutoring. Hours for math and writing tutoring in Southbridge can be found by following the Math Center and Writing Center links.

Tutoring Centers in the Harrington Learning Center (HLC)

QuEST Center

Smarthinking Online Tutoring