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Frequently Asked Questions - The Q

The Q is Quinsigamond Community College's secure website or portal. Think of it as the gateway to the college; it's the one stop which allows current students and faculty the ability to access their personal college information twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The login page for The Q is accessible through any internet browser.  At this time we recommend Firefox (or Chrome) as as your internet browser.

  • Your student id number is your username for The Q. Your username for The Q and password information was sent to you prior to the start of your first semester here at QCC.
  • If you don’t have your login information, contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • If you need help resetting your password please contact the IT Service Desk or call 508.854.4427. Give them your name, your phone number or email address, your id number and a brief description of your problem. Mention that you have a portal problem. Do not send your password.

The QCC Alert Notification System allows you to receive a text message on your cell phone in case of a school emergency or school closing. To add or update your text messaging information, Login to The Q. At the top of the Welcome page, click on the “My QCC Alert Contact Info” link.

Login to The Q. Click on the My Academics tab. Click on My Registration. Click on the My Degree Audit link on the right. Select "What-If Degree Audit" if you want to run an audit for a major other than your currently elected major. If your major is Undeclared you also should select a "What-If Degree Audit," as you do not have any "Your Curriculum Requirements" degree audit until you have applied and received a letter of acceptance from the Admissions Office.

Login to The Q. Select Quick Links at the left of the page. Select “My Grade Report” at the bottom of the page. Select the Term, then click on “View Final Grade Report” or “View Midterm Grade Report”.

Please contact the Registrar's Office. You will need a photo ID.

If your student record is correct, but your Qmail name is incorrect (either the username or the viewable name), contact the IT Help Desk.

If any other information on The Q is misspelled or needs to be changed, you can update it by doing the following:  Click the Personal Info link next to your name. Click on the Biographical Info tab. Click on the pencil icon next to "Name, Address and Personal Details". Enter your changes, then Click [Submit]. Information will be updated within two to three business days.

To waive your health insurance online:

  • Go to 
  • Select “The Q” (student/faculty portal) DO NOT LOG IN.
  • Select the link at the bottom of the page under Helpful Links: Health Insurance Waiver Form. This will bring you out of our system to the web site of Gallagher/Koster, the company that manages the health insurance.
  • All students must “Create an Account” before waiving the insurance. Using your student ID: If your student ID is less than 9 digits, please add “000” to the FRONT of the ID for a total of 9 digits. Ex: If your ID is 123456, it should be entered as 000123456
  • Once the “Account is Created”, go to the top left corner and click “Student Waive”
  • Click on “I want to waive” red button

Please read carefully and answer all the questions then click “Click to Continue On”. Now you are ready to waive the insurance.

Fill out the required fields and select “Submit”. Print “Confirmation Sheet” for your records.