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Office of Counseling and Wellness

What is counseling?

Counseling is a process in which you work with a professionally trained counselor in becoming a healthier human being in all aspects of life: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, and Spiritual.
Counseling is:

  • A voluntary activity. Whether you decide to return for more sessions is up to you.
  • A confidential discussion about a situation, problem, relationship, family issue, or habit that you want to change.
  • A positive step you can take when you get stuck in life.
  • An educational and growth oriented experience.
  • An active collaboration with your counselor to find workable solutions to life barriers, not one in which a counselor "fixes" you.

Counseling and Wellness Updates

Welcome new QCC students!  Welcome back to our prior QCC students! We are so happy to continue to be able to provide help on a video platform.   

Here are some QCC Office of Counseling and Wellness updates:  

  1. The Office of Counseling and Wellness is currently conducting all counseling sessions remotely, by phone and video (telehealth). We will remain “virtually” open during regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. After-hour meetings will be discussed after an intake is completed.
  2. All students who are new to Counseling and Wellness must request an appointment by sending an email to counselingandwellnessoffice [at]
  3. We are very excited to share that we have a new staff member, MSW intern, Abiola Olubode. Abiola is going to share her knowledge of clinical work with systems, children and families with us for this academic year. Welcome Abiola!!
  4. Staff/faculty are able to request student concern consultations via email and we will schedule an appointment time for a phone call. If there is an urgent concern, please call the office at 508.854.4479.
  5. Students in need of support with housing, child care and other needs can check out our community resources.
  6. September is Suicide Awareness Month.  Take a look at this resource and/or reach out to the Counseling and Wellness Office for support.   

We are looking forward to meeting you! 
- Tina and Abiola