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The following resources provide around the clock (24 hours every day) Blackboard Learn technical support for you.

Frequently Asked Questions - Blackboard

Blackboard is the College’s Learning Management System which provides tools for teaching online as well as for on ground courses. All QCC courses have a Blackboard shell that may be used for handouts, online discussion, testing, group work, assignment submission, and grading.

This video explains what Blackboard is, how to logon, how to find your course(s) in Blackboard, what you can find on and how to individualize the Blackboard institution page, how to navigate a Blackboard course, what the Introduction to Blackboard and QCC Resources course is, and what you can find on

Please view the How to Login to Blackboard job aid for detailed instructions. 

This video explains what Blackboard is, how to logon, how to find your course(s) in Blackboard, what you can find on and how to individualize the Blackboard institution page, how to navigate a Blackboard course, what the Introduction to Blackboard and QCC Resources course is, and what you can find on

If you need to log into the Blackboard website directly

  1. Go to the Blackboard website
  2. Enter Username (Student ID)
  3. Enter Password
  4. Use the drop-down menu next to "Sign in with third-party account" and select "Sign in with your Microsoft account."
  5. Follow the prompts to sign into your QCC Microsoft account. 

Note: if you are already logged onto your Microsoft account, you won't need to enter your username and password. You'll just need to use the drop-down menu next to "Sign in with third-party account" and select "Sign in with your Microsoft account."

If you do not know your password

Click on the Forgot Your Password? (To the right of the Login button) 
A new window will pop open. Enter your First and Last name, and your Username. Your Username is the same one you use for the portal (The Q). 
Click Submit. 
An email will be sent to your QCC email address. This email will contain a link to reset your Blackboard password. Follow the instructions to reset your password. 
Navigate back to the Blackboard website, and enter your username and the new password that you just reset to log into Blackboard. 

If you need further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at 508.854.4427 or help [at]

Blackboard Learn support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

You can access our help by one of the following ways:

  1. Review Blackboard Learn Help for Students.
  2. You can call the IT Service Desk (508.854.4427) and follow the prompts for Blackboard Help.
  3. You can email help [at] from your school email address.

At this time, QCC recommends using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. For more information, please see this Blackboard Help page.

Course enrollments are uploaded to Blackboard daily. If you have added or dropped courses, wait 24 hours before contacting the Help Desk. If your course list is still incorrect after that time, then contact the IT Help Desk.

Contact your instructor. Your instructor controls the availability of all course content.

Unfortunately, the information is probably lost permanently and you will need to recreate it. Contact your instructor immediately.

Here are some reasons why you may have been kicked out:

  • The internet connection dropped.
  • The browser was refreshed.
  • Your browser timed out due to inactivity. Blackboard has a security setting that logs you out if it doesn't receive any input for a period of time. Note: Typing into a text box doesn't count as activity. Saving periodically does count. Save frequently.

These tips might help to prevent future issues:

  • Use a wired connection if possible when taking a test. Wireless internet connections are less reliable.
  • Do not refresh the browser page.
  • Do not close the browser window
  • Do not click the browser's back button.
  • If possible, type out the text in an external application like Notepad and then paste it into Blackboard Learn. Working offline first ensures that your work in progress will not be lost.
  • If you are working in assignments, save your work in progress. Saving often helps avoid any browser timeout issues.

Blackboard Learn doesn't keep a record of emails sent or received. To locate an email message you sent, do the following:

  • Student: Login to your Qmail account and check messages in the Sent folder
  • Faculty: Login to your QCC account and check messages in the Sent folder

You can find Blackboard tutorials on this website:

Don't know where to start?

We can help! Schedule a session with a Tutor in the General Academic Areas Tutoring Center!

  • Call us at 508.854.4279
  • Email us at gaa [at]
  • Visit the GAA Website

Students can also contact the Online Learning Coaches

Video about this service: 

If you need assistance from an Online Learning Coach, use one of these contact options:  
Email: OnlineCourseHelp [at]   
Phone: 508.854.7455  
Starfish: We are listed in your Success Network.  
Zoom: The Online Learning Coaches also are available to meet with students in Zoom by appointment. Contact them using one of the methods listed above to schedule a time.    

From the Blackboard Learn website: "Blackboard measures and evaluates accessibility using two sets of standards: the WCAG 2.0standards issued by the World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act issued in the United States [by the] federal government."

This is the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

Screen Reader Tutorials for Blackboard Learn are available as well.

Privacy Policies
Blackboard (8/4/2022)Pinterest (9/2/2020)
Cengage (nd)Qwickly (nd)
Facebook (7/26/2022)Slideshare (05/25/2018)
Flickr (11/23/2020)Starfish (3/18/2020) 
Google (2/10/2022)Tumblr (12/26/2019)
Hypothesis (8/2/2022)Turning Technologies (nd)
Instagram (7/26/2022)Twitter (6/10/2022)
Kaltura (3/1/2021)Vimeo (1/20/2022)
LinkedIn (8/11/2020)WileyPlus (4/29/2022)
McGraw Hill (nd)YouTube (nd)
Pearson (1/1/2020)Zoom (12/15/2021)
This table lists the privacy policies of commonly used applications for QCC courses. If the privacy policy you're looking for isn't included in this table, please contact your instructor for more information.


To succeed in an online course, you should:

  1. Know how to use Blackboard to contact your instructor and for discussions, assignments and tests.
  2. Be able to create, send and download emails, with and without attachments.
  3. Create, edit and submit word processing, spreadsheet and presentation files.
  4. Copy and paste
  5. Download, locate and install software applications and plug-ins.
  6. Some courses might also require the use of head sets and microphones or other course-specific software or peripherals.

Please see the attached How to Navigate your Blackboard Course. job aid for detailed instructions.

Please see the attached How to Submit Assignments in Blackboard job aid for detailed instructions.

Vea por favor el documento adjuntado  "Guía para los estudiantes: cómo enviar las tareas en Blackboard" para instrucciones detalladas.

Submitting an assignment on BB

We have created a consolidated list which reflects some of the most commonly asked questions, click here to view.  It includes links to many different resources, including:

  •  Blackboard Help video links
  • Computer technical requirements
  • Internet browser resources
  • Where to get Office 365 for free if you are a current student!
  • QCC's Alden Library Research and LibGuides site
  • Netiquette & Communication
  • Accessibility links to publisher & tool providers (not all may be listed here, check with your instructor for course specific tools and applications)
  • Self Help FAQs (no login required)
  • 24/7 Blackboard Support - Call, Chat, or Submit a Ticket
  • Privacy Policies (for some tools & providers)

We hope you find this resource useful!

For Students:

If your instructor has informed you that you need to download and install the Respondus LockDown Browser (and Monitor) to take a test, click here to access a job aid with the download link and instructions.

For additional details and information, you may download the Respondus Student Quick Guide by clicking here.

For Instructors:

If you are just getting started using Respondus LockDown Browser in Blackboard for testing, click here to access a job aid to assist you in the process.

For additional details and infomation, you may download the Repondus Instructor Quick Guide by clicking here.

Troubleshooting Tips:

Click here to review some common issues and troubleshooting tips.

Review the feature overview document to learn the major features and functionality of the new Blackboard Content Editor (Nov. 2020).

Blackboard Content Editor - Updated Nov. 2020

Blackboard Ally is an integrated part of our learning management system (LMS) and helps build a more inclusive student experience by improving accessibility of content materials in Blackboard.
For more information, click the links below:


Instructors can connect the Hypothesis tool to online course readings in Blackboard. If they do this, “Hypothesis lets you take notes, view and reply to other notes, along with other features. When you open a Hypothesis assignment you’ll see the web page or PDF your teacher assigned alongside the Hypothesis sidebar” (Hypothesis website).

For more information about how to use Hypothesis, see these how-to guides: