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7-Week Courses

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Returning students

Currently enrolled students or those who have applied in the past (and have a QCC student ID number) may choose one of the following ways to register:

  • Call Advising at 508.854.4308
  • Drop-in to the Advising Center: Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. or Fridays 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Contact your advisor today to learn more!

2023 Courses

Fall I Classes
ACC 222Managerial AccountingTBA 
ALH 131Introductory Nursing AssistantMW04:00-10:00PM
ALH 131Introductory Nursing AssistantTR 04:00-10:00PM
ALH 131Introductory Nursing Assistant08:00AM-05:00PM
AUT 251Automotive Drive TrainTR 08:00-10:50AM
AUT 251Automotive Drive TrainTR 11:30AM-04:00PM
BUS 201Integrated Communication for BusTBA 
CPS 298PreCooperative Education SeminarTBA 
CUL 142Farm to Table08:00-09:50AM
DHY 125Dental AnatomyW08:00-10:45AM
ENG 101Composition IMW 05:30-08:20PM
HRM 100Today's Culinary Professional09:00-11:45AM
HVC 101Basic Refrig Sys and Heat TheoryR05:00-09:50PM
HVC 101Basic Refrig Sys and Heat Theory05:00-09:50PM
MAT 100College AlgebraMWF 02:00-04:00PM
MAT 123College Math I: PrecalculusMW 07:00-09:50PM
MGT 101Introduction to BusinessTBA 
NUR 100Paramedic to RN BridgeTR 04:00-07:35PM
NUR 100Paramedic to RN BridgeR04:00-08:50PM
NUR 100Paramedic to RN BridgeTS02:00-08:12PM
PSY 101Introduction to PsychologyMW 05:30-08:20PM
Fall II Classes
ALH 102Intro to Medical TerminologyOnlineOnline
ALH 132Advanced Nursing AssistantT04:00-07:00PM
AUT 253Automatic Transmission&TransaxleTR08:00-10:50AM
AUT 253Automatic Transmission&TransaxleTR11:30AM-04:30PM
BUS 250Business Administration CapstoneOnlineOnline
CIS 111Intro Microcomputer ApplicationsOnlineOnline
CUL 141Trawl to TableW08:00-09:50AM
ECO 216Principles of MicroeconomicsOnlineOnline
ENG 101Composition ITR06:00-08:50PM
ENG 102Composition IIMW05:30-08:20PM
MAT 095Beginning AlgebraTRF02:00-04:00PM
MAT 122StatisticsTRF02:00-04:00PM
MAT 123College Math I: PrecalculusMWF02:00-04:00PM
MAT 124College Math II: TrigonometryMW07:00-09:50PM
MGT 211Principles of ManagementOnlineOnline
NUR 101Advanced Placement Nursing IR04:00-08:25PM
NUR 101Advanced Placement Nursing IR04:00-08:25PM
NUR 101Advanced Placement Nursing IR05:00-05:50PM
NUR 101Advanced Placement Nursing IT04:00-08:20PM
NUR 101Advanced Placement Nursing IT04:00-08:20PM
NUR 101Advanced Placement Nursing IR04:00-04:50PM
PSY 101Introduction to PsychologyOnlineOnline
PSY 101Introduction to PsychologyOnlineOnline
SOC 101Intro Sociology (Principles)OnlineOnline
SOC 101Intro Sociology (Principles)OnlineOnline
SOC 212Juvenile Delinq/Juv Justice SystOnlineOnline