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Dental Hygiene Clinic

  • QCC Dental students work in the lab
  • QCC Dental students work in the lab

The QCC Dental Hygiene Clinic is one of the many gems that are a part of QCC. Located in the Administration building on the college’s main campus, the Clinic provides valuable dental hygiene care at a fraction of the cost to those in the City of Worcester and surrounding region.

Some services are offered at no cost for the following:

  • Patients over 55 years of age
  • Veterans and active military (with a Military ID)
  • QCC students (services are paid, eligible for discount)
Adult (ages 18 and older)Assessment, complete prophylaxis, toothbrush, education, fluoride treatment, BW x-rays or FMX as prescribed$25.00
Children (ages 17 and under)Assessment, complete prophylaxis, toothbrush, education, BW x-rays, fluoride treatment$20.00
Senior Citizens $20.00
Veterans Free with Military ID
Full-time college student with valid I.D. 


Full- Mouth X-rays $20.00
Bite Wing X-rays $10.00
Panoral X-ray $20.00
Pit and Fissure Sealants (each) $10.00
Fluoride Varnish Treatment $15.00
Chemotherapeutic Agents $15.00

Supplemental Aids

Rubber tip, Floss threaders, Bridge Cleaners, Extra toothbrushes, Proxy brushes, Perio-aids, etc.$2.00

Our dedication to your oral health is only one of the many things we are proud to offer our patients. It is the intent of the Dental Hygiene Program at QCC to provide you with the best possible preventive care and excellence in patient services. Please keep in mind that this is an educational institution and appointments are generally longer and more numerous than you have experienced in a private dental office.

You can expect a thorough medical and dental history to be taken and comprehensive dental hygiene care provided by our dedicated students under the direct supervision of our licensed clinical faculty.

We encourage all patients to maintain a routine relationship with a dentist within the community so we can forward our clinical findings.

*We are a state-of-the-art facility maintaining high quality professional standards. We closely adhere to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention infection control guidelines regarding safety and sterilization procedures. We follow HIPAA regulations in maintaining confidentiality of patient information.