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Unemployment Training Benefits Help

Please note: These services are provided virtually; drop-in face-to-face is not available. If an appointment is required to fully serve for your individual circumstance, we will inform you when we follow up (after you complete the steps below).

If you have an active unemployment claim and have been directed to ask the College to complete part of an application called “Training Opportunities Program (TOP)” or “Section 30” (as a current or prospective student), review this page to understand and start the process of getting QCC to help you.

  • If you qualify for a type training benefit besides TOP (such as TRADE, TAA, ITA), you will follow the same steps as shown for TOP below, starting with the intake link.

After you complete some steps, we can email you a PDF version (three pages) of the College’s  part of the TOP application to add to your part of the application and send to them.

  • Don’t email us your TOP application packet (unless asked to). In most cases, we already have the required paperwork.

Unemployment Training Benefits Process

  1.  Complete the Unemployment Training Benefits Intake.  This intake can be accessed below.  It takes three to five minutes.
  2. Review: Shortly after we receive your intake, we will review it and your degree audit to determine how it can proceed towards a TOP application.  If you are a prospective student (no record yet), your intake and QCC application process will be reviewed to determine next steps. 
  3. First Contact and Next Steps:  An advisor will contact you by phone or email (depending on the complexity of your case) about next steps; typically within two business days after you have completed the intake. 
    • If you have prior college credits, it is highly likely that emailing us your unofficial transcripts will be a required step. Start contacting your prior college(s) if you don’t already have them.
  4. Completion Plan:  After you have completed necessary steps assigned in step #3, you will receive a TOP Completion Plan (PDF) by email to review, sign, and email back to uebenefits [at]
  5. TOP pages emailed to you:  Shortly after we receive your signed completion plan, we will email you the College’s part of the TOP pages which you can combine with your part.

Get started now!

After you submit the intake, we will review your responses and contact you to discuss the next step(s) for your individual situation.  Make sure the contact information (email/phone) you enter is accurate so we can contact you.  We typically respond within two business days.

While waiting for a response, there might be some steps you can take on your own.

Current Students: Register full-time for the next term(s) open for registration into the major under which you intend to pursue your benefits. 

  • Register at least 12 credits for fall/spring, at least 6 for a summer term. 
  • If you are not able to enroll in your intended major because of a wait list, make sure to enroll in the next-closest major.  For example, if you wish to eventually major in nursing, you can currently enroll in Healthcare Prenursing
  • If you need help with registration or changing your major, reach out to your assigned advisor or Advising:  508.854.4308 or advising [at]

Prospective Students of a College-Credited ProgramGet started (or continue/complete) the new student enrollment steps

  • If you have prior college credits, they are a very important factor in both your QCC enrollment and unemployment training benefit application.  Obtain an unofficial copy (this will be much faster than official) and email them to uebenefits [at] as soon as possible.
    • Note:  You will also have to get official copies sent for transfer credit, but unofficial is the way to get the quickest help with training benefits at the time).
  • Completion of these enrollment steps (application, high school document, college transcripts) is required to help you with unemployment benefits, so the sooner you can finish, the earlier we can help you!

Prospective Students of a Workforce Development (Noncredit, shorter-term) Program:  Get started by checking out our course offerings.

  • If you are interested in any of our healthcare programs, contact cce [at] to obtain an application packet.
  • If you receive SNAP benefits, you may be eligible for our SNAP Path to Work programs.

For more information or to obtain an application packet, contact cce [at]

Please note:  If you have any questions about your unemployment claim, such as issues getting your claim processed, questions about the amount, etc., please contact the unemployment office.  Nobody at QCC can answer these questions.