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Information Technology Service Desk

The Information Technology Service Desk provides support for QCC owned PCs, laptops, cell phones, tablets, printers and desk phones acquired through IT. The entrance to the IT Service Desk is located at the ramp on the outside of the Administration building.

When submitting a request through email - DO NOT send your password in any email correspondences.

**For move requests that involve more than moving a PC or phone, please contact Facilities.

**For issues involving the multifunction printer/copiers, please contact the Print Shop

Frequently used IT Request Forms


  • Your student id number is your username for The Q. Your Microsoft account is used for universal login to The Q. The initial password is set to the default of: The first two letters of your last name in lower case, followed by the last four digits of your SSN, then Qc. Ex. ab####Qc.
  • If you need help resetting your password please contact the IT Service Desk at 508.854.4427. Give them your name, your phone number or email address, your id number and a brief description of your problem. Mention that you have a problem logging in. Do not send your password.

Your full student email address is your Qmail username.  You can find your username by logging into The Q. In the top right corner is a circle (Avatar) with either your ID picture or a person Icon, click on the circle then select “My Profile & Settings”.

Click on Contact Information (at left) > Email Addresses  - click the down arrow to view email address.

  • e.g. John Smith - Qmail user name is jsmith [at]

Please view the How to Login to Blackboard job aid for detailed instructions. 

If you need to log into the Blackboard website directly

Go to the Blackboard website:
Enter Username (Student ID)
Enter Password - then click Login.

If you do not know your password

Click on the Forgot Your Password? (To the right of the Login button) 
A new window will pop open. Enter your First and Last name, and your Username. Your Username is the same one you use for the portal (The Q). 
Click Submit. 
An email will be sent to your QCC email address. This email will contain a link to reset your Blackboard password. Follow the instructions to reset your password. 
Navigate back to the Blackboard website, and enter your username and the new password that you just reset to log into Blackboard. 

If you need further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at 508-854-4427 or help [at]

The default password will be the first two letters of your last name, followed by the last four digits of your social security number, then the letters “Qc”. This password is all lowercase, except for the letter Q. If you are unable to login using this password, contact the IT Service Desk to have it reset.

You can try the Office 365 Community Forum.

You can also access Office 365 tutorials through Infobase Learning Cloud.

To access Infobase Learning Cloud, log in to Blackboard, then click on Bb Support at the top of the page, then Infobase Learning Cloud and the website will launch. Search for Office 365 to show the video tutorials.

  1. On your device, go into your Wi-Fi Settings and select QCC Guest
  2. Open browser page and go to
  3. A page will load for registering to the Guest Wi-Fi
    1.  fill out all the required information
  4. Select the gray checkmark to acknowledge the Terms & Services Agreement
  5. Select submit and once successfully submitted, wait at least a minute and the page will redirect to

**Once completed, your device(s) will be registered on the Wi-Fi for 180 Days***

If needing further assistance, you can call the QCC IT Service Desk at 508.854.4427 or email help [at] and someone will be able to assist you.

Contact the IT Service Desk

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Call 508.854.4427 or contact the IT Service Desk by filling out the form below.