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At QCC our student email system (Qmail) is powered by Google and our Faculty and Staff email is powered by Microsoft Outlook.  Both systems are accessible from off campus and also allow you to receive email on your phone. 

Your full student email address is your Qmail username.  You can find your username by logging into The Q. In the top right corner is a circle (Avatar) with either your ID picture or a person Icon, click on the circle then select “My Profile & Settings”.

Click on Contact Information (at left) > Email Addresses  - click the down arrow to view email address.

  • e.g. John Smith - Qmail user name is jsmith [at]

You must go to the Registrar’s Office with a legal document (marriage certificate, divorce papers, etc) that states that your name has changed. At that time, you can ask that your Qmail username be changed.

Contact the IT Service Desk. Give them your Student ID, Qmail username, and any error message.

The default password will be the first two letters of your last name, followed by the last four digits of your social security number, then the letters “Qc”. This password is all lowercase, except for the letter Q. If you are unable to login using this password, contact the IT Service Desk to have it reset.

If you would like to receive your email on your phone, you will need to either use the Gmail app included on most android phones, or access it on your iPhone through settings and adding a Google email account. If you need assistance getting this setup, contact the IT Help Desk.

To forward your Qmail account to your personal email follow these steps;

1) Log in to your Qmail from The Q.

Tip: Forgot your Qmail Username? Click on "Personal Info" next to your name after you login to The Q to view your full Qmail username.

2) Click on the Settings icon at the top right (Gear) and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

3) Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab

4) Click the Add a forwarding address button

5) Enter the email address you wish to forward your Qmail to and click Next.

Tip: Send yourself a test email to your Qmail address to make sure forwarding is working properly.

Please see the attached How to Access Qmail job aid for detailed instructions.

This video provides some basic information about what Qmail and the Q are, how to access and use them, and why they are important to use: