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Tuition and Fees: Summer 2024

Tuition & Educational Service Fee (ESF)

The Tuition and Educational Service Fee cost for Massachusetts residents is $223 per credit ($24 tuition / $199 ESF). For all other students the cost is $429 per credit ($230 tuition / $199 ESF).

Summer 2024 Tuition & Fee Rate Schedule

*See additional fees below

Tuition, ESF, and Other Fees: 
In-State Tuition$24 per credit per semester
Educational Service Fee$199 per credit per semester
Student Support Fee1-8 credits $175 per summer semester
Student Support Fee9+ credits $235 per summer semester
*Additional Fees 
Program Fees**See below
Lab Fee$70-85 per lab course

**Currently all programs have per semester Program Fees associated with the Program Major to help support the needs of the program.

PLEASE NOTE - all costs are subject to change without prior notification.  Please refer to the semester Tuition & Fee Refund Policy for financial penalty when withdrawing from your classes.

Credit for Prior Learning: Challenge Exams, Portfolio Assessments, and Credentialing are all $75 per credit. Credit cost for QCC sponsored learning (direct study and tutorial study) is the same cost as credit courses. Please contact Career Placement Services for further information by phone at 508.854.4439 or email at careerservices [at]


The Summer I 2024 semester begins May 20, 2024
Summer I bill is due on May 8, 2024.

The Summer II 2024 semester begins July 8, 2024.
Summer II bill is due on June 26, 2024.

An Enrollment Notification is sent 2-3 days after registration to your student email account and details payment options. The Course & Fee Statement on The Q is your bill. We do not mail paper bills. Please contact the Business Office by phone at 508.854.4560 or by email at businessoffice [at] with any billing or payment questions you may have.

Students who have not paid or made arrangements to pay their tuition and fees by the bill due date may risk being dropped from their classes for non-payment. Students will be notified by email to their student email account if they are dropped from their classes for non-payment. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Registrar's Office if the student will not attend any or all of their classes.

Summer 2024 Tuition & Fee Refund Policy

Refund PolicySummer ISummer II% of Total Charges
Drop through:05/22/2407/10/24100%
Withdrawal through:05/30/2407/18/2450%
Withdrawal as of:05/31/2407/19/240%

 Refund Limitations

  1. Official withdrawal must be made in the Registrar's Office, room 152 in the administration building.
  2. Any waivers must be submitted to the Business Office prior to the semester deadline to be considered for a refund or adjustment.
  3. Students will be refunded only that portion of the tuition and fees paid by them; financial aid and other contracted agency payments will be refunded directly to the paying party.

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