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Program Fees

Program of Study / Program Code
Includes all related degree options and/or certificatesCourse (starts with)Amount Per Semester
Engineering and Technology
Automotive TechnologyAUT$ 515
Computer Science TransferCSC$65/credit $650 max
Computer Systems Engineering TechnologyCSC/CST$65/credit $650 max
Electronics Engineering TechnologyCSC/ELT/ELM/MNT$65/credit $650 max
Energy Utility TechnologyEUT$65/credit $650 max
Heating Ventilation Air ConditioningHVC$65/credit $650 max
Interactive MediaIMD/IMG$65/credit $650 max
Manufacturing TechnologyMNT$65/credit $650 max
Dental Assisting Certificate (DA)DAS$ 980
Dental Hygiene (DH)DHY$ 2,505
Advanced Placement Nurse Education LPN (NUL)NUR$ 1,250
Advanced Placement Nurse Education Paramedic (NUP)NUR$ 1,250
Nurse Education (NUR) (NUE)NUR$ 1,250
Nursing Assistant Certificate (NA)ALH$ 535
Nursing Assistant Certificate - Direct Entry (NAWF)ALH$ 535
Practical Nursing Certificate (LP) (LPE)PNP$ 985
EMT Certificate (EMT)EMT$ 315
EMT Certificate - Direct Entry (EMWF)EMT$ 315
EMT Paramedic Certificate (PC)MED$ 755
Medical Assisting Certificate (ME)MSS$ 635
Occupational Therapy Assistant (OT)OTA$ 1,030
Pharmacy Technician Certificate (PT)ALH$ 330
Pharmacy Technician Certificate - Direct Entry (PTWF)ALH$ 330
Phlebotomy/EKG Technician Certificate (PEKG)ALH$ 610
Phlebotomy/EKG Technician Certificate - Direct Entry (PKWF)ALH$ 610
Radiologic Technology (RT)RDT$ 1,025
Respiratory Care (RS)RCP$ 1,025
Surgical Technology (SUR)SUR$ 675
Degree / Certificate Program FeeAll others$115 Fall/Spring Only