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Psychology Club

The QCC Psychology club provides an opportunity to engage in psychology beyond the classroom. Club meetings offer a variety of ways to explore the academic study and career field of psychology. Through videos, discussions, speaker series’ and more, the members of the club have additional opportunities to connect and grow in their understanding of the field.


Meetings are held every other Wednesday from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. in the Psychology Center for Excellence (Room 321, Administration Building). 


The club is open to all QCC students, studying any coursework, who are interested in human behavior. Students are welcome to “drop in” to meetings, and attendance at every meeting is not required. Simply being present for a meeting or club activity is all that’s necessary to join the club.


For those interested in leadership positions in the club (President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc.), note that these elections are usually held at one of the first meetings each fall and spring semester. Officers meet additional to club meetings, on the alternate Wednesdays, and take care of logistical items, plan events, and work to spread awareness and raise funds for the club.

The psychology club is advised by faculty member Valarie Clemente, Ed.D.


Past activity highlights include organized participation in community outreach efforts and fundraising to provide guidance and support to local populations, awareness raising initiatives about suicide, and sponsorship of a guest lecture series in psychology.

Email Updates

If you’d like to be notified of upcoming club meeting dates, special events, and upcoming guest speakers, you can join our email list by submitting a request to advisor, vclemente [at] (subject: Inquiry%20re%3A%20Psych%20Club%20from%20QCC%20Psychology%20Department%20website, body: Please%20subscribe%20me%20to%20Psychology%20Club%20event%20notification%20and%20meeting%20updates.%20This%20email%20was%20generated%20on%20the%20QCC%20psychology%20department%20website.) (Professor Valarie Clemente, EdD).