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Psychology Events


Through the Psychology Club, QCC’s chapter of the the Psi Beta Honor Society, and in collaboration with other clubs and departments, the Psychology Department sponsors a host of films, speakers, and discussion sessions on related topics.

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Upcoming Events:

Monday, October 28, 2019

“It’s not contradictory things, you know?”: Experiences of LGBTQ emerging adults from Evangelical Christian backgrounds.

By Katie Gabriele-Black, PH.D. | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. in Room 109B in the Harrington Learning Center (HLC)

The Evangelical Christian context can be a difficult space to be LGBTQ, given Evangelical interpretations of the Bible and often-conservative beliefs about sexuality and gender. This talk will address the following questions: What is it like to grow up in an Evangelical environment? How do queer young adults come to terms with and integrate their sexual, gender, and faith identities? In what ways are these young adults able to hold onto their faith, and in what ways are they not? How are they creating community and taking action in support of those with LGBTQ identities, particularly in Evangelical spaces where they are not welcome?

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Bake Sale at the Transfer Fair to benefit YWCA Way To Go Program

10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. outside of Room 109B in the Harrington Learning Center (HLC)

Selected Past Events

  • Leveling Up on Violent Video Game Research: Is Violent Game Play a Risk Factor for Aggression and Attraction to Guns? - Kirstie Farrar, PhD [Feb. 2019]
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology & Mental Health - Esteban Cardemil, Ph.D. [Nov. 2018]
  • Positive PsychologyJohn Practico, Psy.D. [October 2018]
  • Mindful Eating - Tina Wells, LICSW [September 2018]
  • Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of OthersJeanine Skorinko, Ph.D. [April 2018]
  • The Brain and Beyond in the Aftermath of Head Trauma - Gary Senecal, Ph.D. [March 2018]
  • You Are What I Feel: The Affective Realism Hypothesis - Jolie Wormwood, Ph.D. [Oct. 2017]
  • 2nd Annual Psych Fest [April 2017]
  • Film screening: 'Dreamcatcher' - feat. Nikki Bell of LIFT [March 2017]
  • ECT: A Danger or Effective Therapy? - Tatyana Shteinlukht, M.D. [Feb. 2017]
  • 1st Annual Psych Fest [Nov. 2016]
  • Film Screening: 'The Year We Thought About Love' [Oct. 2016]
  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder - Donna Murray, Ph.D. [April 2016]
  • 'Abandoned Asylums of Massachusetts,' Author Signing [March 2016]
  • Exploring the Potential of Sport Psychology in the Helping Professions - Vernon Percy, Ph.D. [Oct. 2015]
  • Healing Children with Music: Pediatric Clinical Music Therapy - Kayla C. Daly, MA, MT-BC, LMHC [Sept. 2015]
  • Juvenile Forensics and the Juvenile Court System - Mathilde Pelaprat, Psy.D. [April 2015]*
  • Windows on the Brain in Action - David Kennedy, M.D. [March 2015]
  • The Truth About Lying: Recognizing the Liar in Your Life - Robert Feldman, Ph.D. [March 2015]
  • Diversity and Psychology - Jonathan Jenkins, Psy.D. [Feb. 2015]
  • The 365Z Foundation - Rosemary & Brittany Ford, Paul Laoava [Feb. 2015]
  • Stress Management for Savvy Students - Jennifer Rapkin, Ph.D. [Nov. 2014]
  • Making Change Happen: Why Reform is Needed in Our Criminal Justice System - Bernard B. Kerik [Oct. 2014]*
  • How Wanting to be Right Limits Racial Progress - Eric Mania, Ph.D. [Oct. 2014]
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst Undergraduate Student Research Speakers [March 2014]
  • Post Deployment Readjustment Issues for Military Personnel - Gregory Quenneville, MSW, LSW [March 2014]
  • Girls’ Experiences with Puberty and Their Transition to Womanhood - Theresa Jackson, Ph.D. [Nov. 2013]
  • Wearing Your Heart On Your…Face - Eric Hehman, Ph.D. [March 2013]
  • The Bystander Effect: How to be a Pro-Active Bystander - Lindsay Carpenter, M.A. [March 2013]

*In coordination with the Criminal Justice Club