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For students interested in possible career options in psychological research, it can be useful to actually see psychological research happening first-hand.

Additionally, many graduate school programs in psychology look favorably on research experience on a prospective student’s application, so it can be useful to engage in psychological research in undergraduate studies for students who intend to pursue graduate study.

Research at QCC

Some faculty members in the Psychology Department conduct research of their own, and students are encouraged to reach out to them to learn more about ways to either participate in research as a subject, or as a research assistant. 

Any participation or assistance as a student is done on an entirely voluntary basis, and QCC does not employ students as paid Research Assistants. 

  • Recently, the QCC chapter of the Psi Beta Honor Society has participated in a nation-wide research collection project, and formed a group of QCC students to analyze and present findings at local conferences. More information about the timing and options for participation in this project can be obtained by contacting the chapter Faculty Advisor, Valarie Clemente, Ed.D. 
  • You may contact Eric Mania, Ph.D. to discuss conducting original research in social psychology for honors credit in connection with PSY-181, Social Psychology. Additionally, he would be excited to work with students interested in conducting research in any area of social psychology (social cognition, the self, conformity, attitudes, aggression, helping behavior, prejudice, et cetera.) 
  • You may contact Jen Arner Welsh, Ph.D. to discuss conducting projects related to your interests in adolescence, girls’ and women’s development, science learning and abstract reasoning, or collaborating on Jen’s own research on the intersection between personal and disciplinary theories of knowing.

Online volunteer participation

Psychologists often conduct research online.  If you are interested in participating in psychology research as a participant, you might check out these sites.  

Please note: These are external links, and the sites as such are not owned or monitored by QCC, but at last check were reputable and respectable research sites. Please navigate at your own risk, and alert us to any broken links or other issues: