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Data Projectors

Data Projectors

Think of a data projector as an alternative to a modern television. Like a television, a data projector can accept multiple input devices ranging from a set-top cable box; a DVD or Blu Ray Player; A computer, Mac or Linux computer or laptop, and sometimes even smartphones and cameras.

In our classrooms, the primary use for data projectors is through Windows based PCs to display PowerPoint presentations and to access various websites and educationally relevant Internet content.

A more recent - but very popular - equipment used in conjunction with our data projectors are document cameras which can project a live feed and are available in all standard QCC classrooms. Click here for more information on Document Cameras.

Additionally we have available connections for those who wish to bring their own laptops and common devices.  VGA and HDMI connections are available in most classrooms (please see Classroom Contents for details) for video and standard 3.5mm stereo headphone connector for audio devices like phones, CD or MP3 players.

If you are unsure if your device has the necessary outputs to work with our projection systems, please contact Media Services. If your device is not currently compatible with our systems we will often be able to find a solution.

Individual data projectors are available for signing out via our Equipment Checkout Form