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Mobile Projection Carts

Mobile Projection Cart

Mobile projection carts are designed to offer the base functionality of our classroom A/V Lecterns, but with the ability to be mobile. As all classrooms now have projection systems, the only time a mobile cart would be required would be when a piece of the classroom technology fails and cannot be repaired immediately.  In these cases a mobile projection cart will be deployed as a temporary solution.

Mobile carts may also be used for a secondary projected image if required, or they can be brought to locations on campus that do not have any other means of projection.

Each mobile projection cart comes with a data projector, Windows 7 based computer, a DVD/VHS combo player, a keyboard, mouse and speakers.  A wi-fi antennae is affixed to each cart as well, with a coiled up network cable in case wireless signals are too weak in your location.

An extra VGA cable is also available for those who would prefer to use their own laptop rather than the included PC. Laptops used with mobile projection carts will need a VGA output to be compatible.

Note that there is no monitor included with mobile projection carts, as the projected image acts as a monitor.