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President's Message - Tolerance

Dear QCC Community,

As I begin to make my new home in Worcester, I am proud and honored to meet so many great people in my new city who have received me and my family with open arms and hearts. One of the great assets of Central Massachusetts is its diversity. I have witnessed firsthand how people from all walks of life, different economic backgrounds, races, religions, political outlooks, and sexual orientations have come together to create such a vibrant and prosperous community.

As President of Quinsigamond Community College, I believe in our ability as an institution of higher education to promote discourse and spur dialogue regarding issues that affect our community, our nation, and our world.

I am saddened by the violence that took place in Charlottesville- a city where I once lived, studied, and served as a community leader. I know many decent and kind people in that community who are surely horrified by what has happened and by those who have come from outside to disrupt the peace, fuel hatred, and incite violence and fear. My thoughts are with all who were injured and lost their lives as well for all my friends who are there.

QCC stands firm against hatred, bigotry, and violence in whatever form that takes. It is my hope that members of this community stand up whenever anyone seeks to disparage, oppress, discriminate, or terrorize another human being because of their race, religion, sex or sexual orientation. We must reject any attempt to harm any other human being or diminish their value or identity.

The success of our community depends on all of its members. Care for one another and support those who are less fortunate. Speak up for those who cannot, tolerate and discuss different viewpoints and beliefs in a civil, dignified manner and celebrate diversity.

Bigotry should never be tolerated. Together we can work to ensure change within our institution, ourselves, and our country.

Let Charlottesville be a lesson to us all. There is no place for hatred. May we learn from this and move forward.


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Luis Pedraja