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President's Climate Commitment

Quinsigamond Community College has made a commitment to minimize the College's contribution to global warming and reduce its carbon footprint by joining the President's Climate Commitment. A national collaborative, the President's Climate Commitment unites more than 650 colleges and universities in 48 states in the common goal of reducing global warming.

As a member of the President's Climate Commitment, the College commits itself to achieving carbon neutrality through the reduction of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. We are achieving this goal through a set of clearly defined mitigation strategies which fall into five general categories: (1) energy efficient operations, (2) power plant and fleet/fuel management, (3) behavioral/cultural change incentives, (4) on-campus renewable energy production, and (5) carbon off-sets. Our commitment also includes expanding our community outreach efforts and ensuring sustainability is part of the curriculum for all students.

Quinsigamond Community College is proud of the work it has achieved in conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions, and is honored to be a part of a continuing global effort to make a significant difference in slowing climate change. We believe that, in fiscal year 2010, we have met and exceeded the goals of both the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the American Colleges and University Presidents Climate Commitment, and will continue to strive for greater improvements in sustainability. Our Climate Action Plan looks forward, beginning in fiscal year 2008 and will be reviewed annually and updated as conditions change and technology improves.