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Supreme Court’s DACA Decision Applauded at QCC

WORCESTER, MA — June 18, 2020 — Quinsigamond Community College welcomes today’s landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court that blocked the dismantling of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The College’s President, Luis G. Pedraja, Ph.D., is a vocal advocate of the program and previously joined over 164 colleges and universities from across the country in signing an amicus brief last October, supporting the close to 650,000 young immigrants who came to the United States as children. Known as the Dreamers, these young adults have been protected against the threat of deportation under the DACA program since 2012. The program’s termination was threatened by the current administration.

“This decision was important and vital to the betterment of our nation, our community and our college. QCC stands for a diverse and inclusive community and this decision gives our DACA students the knowledge that they can pursue their education without fear of deportation,” President Pedraja said.

QCC’s student body is a reflection of the diverse cultures that represent Central Massachusetts. Dr. Pedraja said the decision is one that is a good start in working towards a more equitable society.

“The world is changing and we must make sure it changes in a positive fashion. The Dreamers are an integral part of our community. They are the healthcare providers, the first responders, the educators, the scientists and the frontline workers who are taking care of our citizens during the pandemic,” President Pedraja said. “This decision shows there is hope for a brighter future.”