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Syllabus Information

Minimum Requirements for Course Syllabus

Your syllabus receives an evaluation from your department chair. This is contractual and in place for your benefit and your students' benefit. Please make sure every topic listed below is on your syllabus.

Checklist for Course Syllabus

  1. Instructor’s Name
  2. Course Title/Number
  3. General course description (according to College Catalog)
  4. All required texts and paperbacks, including information on publisher and edition used
  5. Course topics and/or assignments and/or required and/or supplemental reading
  6. Teaching procedures (briefly describe)
  7. Instructional objectives (list)
  8. Basis for student grading
  9. Procedure (criteria) for evaluating student performance
  10. Tentative test schedule/assignment schedule
  11. Attendance policy