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In an effort to maintain the integrity and quality of instruction and learning, the Quinsigamond Community College Math Department recommends a policy that no open book/open note assessments are allowed in sequential math courses, In addition, no note/formula cards are allowed for assessments in developmental level courses.

Full time faculty in the mathematics department are listed below.

PhotoProfessorEmailPhone NumberOffice
 Joseph Babujbabu [at] qcc.mass.edu508.854.2871270A
 Philomena D'Alessandropdalessandro [at] qcc.mass.edu508.854.4416429A
 Ibar De La Cruzidelacruz [at] qcc.mass.edu508.854.2865213Q
 Elena Feniciefenici [at] qcc.mass.edu508.854.2766257A
 Andreana Grimaldoagrimaldo [at] qcc.mass.edu508.854.2789255A
 Sheiba Mas-Oudsmasoud [at] qcc.mass.edu508.854.2814403A
 Ulises Poyserupoyser [at] qcc.mass.edu508.854.7514403A
 Carol Rinaldicrinaldi [at] qcc.mass.edu508.854.4402249A
 Rafael Vicenterafaelv [at] qcc.mass.edu508.854.4535325A
 Robert Yoscaryosca [at] qcc.mass.edu508.854.4377267A
 Stephen Zonaszona [at] qcc.mass.edu508.854.4408325A