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Delayed Opening of Classes

In some cases, the beginning of day classes and activities may be delayed to begin at the time indicated in the announcement. Please note that some radio or TV stations do not allow posting of a specific opening time (e.g. The College will open at 10:30 a.m.). They require delays to be posted in hours (e.g. a 2-hour delay). For these instances, the College’s general business hours of 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. will be utilized. Therefore, a 2-hour delay means the College is opening at 10 a.m. For specific opening times, visit, call QCC's Alert/Inclement Weather Line at 508.854.4545. Inclement weather alerts are also posted to QCC’s Mobile App, sent via QCC Alerts Text Message, or the QCC Family Alert Email to Faculty and Staff.

All staff, except “essential personnel” who may already be at work, should report to work at the delayed start time. The decision to cancel or delay classes and activities will be based upon the best information available regarding: The operational status of the Campus – including heat, light and snow removal; and the accessibility of the Campus – including the availability of public transportation and street conditions in the City of Worcester. Conditions may vary greatly within the College’s service area and, therefore, when classes and activities are being held, students must ultimately determine if they are able to attend classes and if it is safe to do so. Students are encouraged to become familiar with the policies of their instructors regarding making up missed work.