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QCC Mobile App

The QCC Mobile App was developed to provide students with the resources necessary to achieve academic success at QCC, as well as strengthen the student’s engagement within the QCC Community.

With our new QCC Mobile App, students (as well as the QCC Community) can access their course information, grades, and find online resources. In addition, students will be able to make bookstore purchases, utilize QCC Library services, campus maps, and much more!

Don’t wait! Download the QCC free app today!

Platform Requirements

QCC Mobile is designed for smartphones: iPhone/iPad iOS 6.x and higher; Android platforms v2.2.x and higher; and Blackberry. Support for Windows phones, Windows 8 tablets, and Android tablets will be released in early to mid-2014. (Currently not available on the Kindle)



icon-05.png Events
The QCC Events module links users to a calendar with up to date events across multiple departments.
icon-05.png Bus Schedule
The QCC Bus Schedule links users to the Worcester Regional Transport Authority Bus Tracker module.
icon-05.png Alerts
The QCC Alerts module allows users to get up to date emergency information, weather and other general announcements.
icon-05.png Faculty Absence

The QCC Faculty Absence module allows users to view daily faculty absences.

icon-05.png The Q

The Q links users to a mobile Q interface with resources such as a searchable directory, campus map, announcements, etc.

icon-05.png Tutoring

The Tutoring module links users to the tutoring webpage, providing guides, tips, and tutoring hours.

icon-05.png Emergency Numbers

The Emergency Numbers Module allows students to access vital college and campus police numbers for various emergency situations.

icon-05.png Library

The Library module allows students to directly access the QCC library website where they can search for books, do research, get citing help, etc.

icon-05.png Jobs & Internships

The Jobs and Internships module links students to a list of job search assistance programs, workshops, and the Center for Workforce Development and Continuing Education.

icon-05.png Workforce Development

The Workforce Development page links to Workforce Development and Career Center Page.

icon-05.png Qmail

The Qmail links allows user to access their email account.

icon-05.png Text a Tip

The Text a Tip app allows students to virtually submit tips to campus police anonymously.

icon-05.png Course Schedule

The QCC Course schedule allows students to view and search course offerings.

icon-05.png Transfer

The QCC Transfer module allows students to access resources about transferring to and from QCC.


The module directly links students to the homepage.

icon-05.png News

The Wyvern News module updates students with current newsletter stories, press releases, and general college updates.

icon-05.png Campus Tour

The Campus Tour module links students and perspective students to schedule a campus tour.

icon-05.png Maps

The QCC Maps module shows services, buildings, and parking information for QCC’s Worcester, Southbridge and Marlboro campuses.

icon-05.png Campus Directory

The Campus Directory allows students to look up office and contact information for QCC faculty and staff.

icon-05.png Academics

The QCC Academics module directs students to a list of degrees and certificates offered at QCC.

icon-05.png Scholarships

The Scholarships module allows students to view QCC scholarships.

icon-05.png Financial Aid

The Financial Aid module links students to financial aid services, resources, and office information.

icon-05.png Admissions

The QCC Admissions module links students to registration information and enrollment services.

icon-05.png Bookstore

The QCC Bookstore module links students to the bookstore website for textbook listings by course, bookstore hours, computer information, and more.

icon-05.png Wyvern Media

The Wyvern Media allows students to watch campus event coverage and promotional videos.

icon-05.png Clubs & Activities

The Clubs and Activities module links students to student life, with information about sports, clubs, and Student Life events.

icon-05.png Wyvern Athletics

The Wyvern Athletics information links students to intramural sports, team information, and hours and contact information for the QCC Athletic Center.

icon-05.png Photos

The QCC Photos module links to fun photos of students, events, and campus activities.

icon-05.png Faces of QCC

The Faces of QCC Module links students to submit video testimonials of their positive experiences at QCC.

icon-05.png What's New at QCC

The What’s New module allows students to access new events, and recent promotions.

icon-05.png Office Mobile

The Office Mobile module links students to their free download of Office 365.

icon-05.png Collegefish

The Collegefish module links students to a revolutionary scholarship tool that matches students to scholarships.

icon-05.png Student Success Stories

The Student Success module links students to student success stories of alumni.

icon-05.png QCC Alumni

The QCC Alumni page links students to alumni relations information.

icon-05.png QCC Foundation

The QCC Foundation module links students to the non-profit foundation information.

icon-05.png Instagram

The Instagram links students to the QCC Instagram page.

icon-05.png Twitter

The Twitter module links students to the QCC Twitter page.

icon-05.png Facebook

The Facebook page links students to the QCC Facebook page.