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  • Students in the music program

With more than 100 performances per year, QCC Music Option delivers a diverse, vibrant, and engaging music program for anyone looking to have fun, meet other musicians, collaborate, and expand their musical knowledge.

QCC Music offers an array of options geared towards your music goals. Some of our students fall into one of the following categories:

  • Students who would like to pursue a career in music
  • Students who would like to continue their education in music, while pursuing a different degree
  • Students who are self-taught or are taking or have taken private music lessons
  • Students who are part or have been part of a band either at school, church or with friends
  • Students who are not sure if they would like to go to college, but have an interest in music, and have no formal education or training in music

Besides the core music curriculum, students have the opportunity to perform in the following events:

  • Meet and Greet - Semester welcoming party
  • Music Club – An opportunity to share ideas and perform
  • Treble Makers – Social media event showcasing your talent
  • Hallway Music – A series of concerts in the hallways of the college
  • College public events- Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer- welcoming, holiday concerts, and graduation.
  • College private events – Restaurants, venues, and meetings.

Get ready to have fun, be challenged while networking and maturing as an artist.

“We strive to be an intimidation free zone where all music levels are welcome.”

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