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Interactive Media

Options in Digital Design and Game Design (Formerly Applied Arts)

About Us

The Applied Arts Program at Quinsigamond was established in 1993, as one of the first multi-faceted computer based programs designated for students seeking a design career in digital media in the regional marketplace.

The Interactive Media, Associate in Science Degree offers a fully integrated curriculum with state of the art computer software and hard-ware technologies. Assignments in APA designated courses utilize Macintosh computer systems to integrate with new media design and Internet and mobile technologies.

Upon completion of the program students will have spent over 2000 hours on the computer learning the foundation for proficiency in 12 design based software programs for computer generated publications in print and electronic publications.

Currently, digital design specialists utilize computer-based technologies to produce designs, symbols, typography, illustrations, animations, 3-D imagery, motion graphics, and video for use in print and electronic publications to help communicate ideas in the global marketplace.
Web publishers, print and online newspapers and magazines, ad agencies and manufacturers all use in-house or freelance digital New Media designers in the branding, promotion and sales of their products. The popularity and worldwide availability of social networking, HD television, digital video and photography, animation, and the expanding global web universe of sights and sounds are creating new and exciting career opportunities for New Media Designers.

Recently, the APA program has introduced new courses in 3-D Modeling using Maya software and Video Fundamentals. Digital multimedia production integrates and merges text, graphics, sound, animation, photography and video to create, produce and communicate a unique product branding experience.