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Transfer Your Higher Education Goals to QCC

April, 2020
  • Coordinator of Transfer and Articulation Dan de la Torre and Transfer Counselor Beth Fullerton
    Coordinator of Transfer and Articulation Dan de la Torre and Transfer Counselor Beth Fullerton

Today’s higher education landscape has drastically changed due to the pandemic, and with that change comes a rethinking of college options this fall for newly graduated high school students. At Quinsigamond Community College students can begin their higher education close to home, obtain an associate degree, and then transfer to a four-year college or university as a junior. QCC has over 250-transfer agreement pathways to both public and private four-year institutions that give students a seamless way to continue their education at a four-year school. Not only will students save thousands, while getting the same quality education at QCC, but they will also have a clear pathway to a four-year degree. A unique point that many overlook in this type of higher education pathway is that students will end up with two degrees - an associate degree AND a bachelor’s degree in the same time it would take them to earn just a bachelor’s degree.

We also offer incredible state transfer options, MassTransfer and Commonwealth Commitment. The MassTransfer program provides community college students the opportunity to transfer to baccalaureate programs at any Massachusetts State University or UMASS Campus with guaranteed admission, full applicability of credit and a tuition discount. Commonwealth Commitment offers eligible students a way to save even more with a freeze on tuition and fees upon entry into the program, as well as a 10% reduction of tuition and fees over four years. Students must sign up for Commonwealth Commitment when they first enroll at QCC, and maintain eligibility requirements along the way, so it’s a good idea to contact admissions [at] (QCC Admissions )or //advising [at]">Advising for details.

In these uncertain times, it makes sense to rethink your higher education options. Visit today to learn more. QCC. College. Made Smarter.