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Program Mission and Philosophy

Program Mission

The program’s mission is to prepare its graduates with relevant knowledge, skills, and values necessary to meet the professional responsibilities of the entry-level dental hygienist in an effort to meet the diverse needs of the community/region.  The program operates within the mission of Quinsigamond Community College to prepare students for the Dental Hygiene National Board exam, the Northeast Regional Board of Dental Examiners’ clinical exam and Permit L local anesthesia exam, and attain a position in Dental Hygiene Practice.
The program prides itself on providing a high quality education that is affordable and accessible, as well as assisting students in reaching their full potential by instilling a sense of empowerment in oneself and the profession in which one serves.  Students, patients and faculty are respected as individuals.


Program Philosophy

Quinsigamond Community College Dental Hygiene Program encourages students to be self-directed in their learning and establish high standards of professional and personal excellence.  Creative, critical and analytical thinking is encouraged throughout the academic and clinical experiences of the program.

Effective learning requires a supportive student-centered learning environment in which the diverse educational needs of students are recognized, utilizing available resources within the college community. 

The role of the student is to take responsibility for personal academic and clinical success.  The faculty’s role is to be responsive to students’ needs by providing support, guidance, and supervision in the teaching/learning process.

Continuous life-long learning is encouraged among students and faculty as a means of providing personal/professional enrichment and/or leading to transfer opportunities and career advancement.