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Samantha Cox


“ QCC has so much to offer! The education is challenging and rewarding. ”

What are you studying?

Dental Assisting, possibly continuing on to Dental Hygiene.

Why did you choose QCC?

I researched all the schools in Massachusetts that offered Dental Hygiene degrees. Of those schools, QCC was the closest and most affordable. QCC has so much to offer! For students in a degree program full-time, the education is the same as any other college or university; it is challenging and rewarding.

Do you have a mentor or favorite Professor?

Professor McKeon is my favorite professor. She’s interesting and unusual. We can tell she cares about us and wants us to succeed. She’s on our supportive no matter what.

How do you balance personal life and school?

It’s not easy to manage considering I’ve been on my own since age 16. My boyfriend is supportive of me and my goals. We might struggle now to make ends meet and to find time for each other, but I know my future looks brighter because of QCC.

What are your goals?

I want to work in a dental office as either a dental assistant or dental hygienist.