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Rachel Taylor


“I was accepted to QCC and my dream came true!”

What are you studying?

Business Administration: Major focus in General Business Office Administration, with some electives in Medical Office Administration.

Why did you choose QCC?

When I became unemployed, I knew that I needed to enhance my skills and abilities to find a new career. When attending a seminar for unemployed individuals at Workforce Central in Worcester, MA, I heard about the possibilities of earning a college degree. I decided to apply for the degree program with initial guidance from Workforce Central, and I was accepted to QCC and my dream came true!

What’s the best thing about QCC?

The programs are built to give individuals a well-rounded education, along with the capability to succeed in the future…. Whether it is success entering the workforce, or the ability to transfer to a four-year college or university to continue a higher education, QCC prepares you.

Anything else you’d care to share about attending QCC?

I have been challenged with the most wonderful opportunity here at QCC, and I have not allowed myself to do less than the best! The business administration program has inspired me to attain sustainable employment with real options for future advancement. These new skills, along with my past work experience, have given me greater confidence and strength in the workplace.

I thank all the wonderful professors for their efforts spent teaching me, and I will never forget the invaluable time spent here at QCC.