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QCC Staff and Faculty Step Up to the Challenge

July 2023
  • QCC Walking Challenge

Congratulations to everyone who participated in QCC's walking challenge, including  the winning team (Team One) that won the challenge with a total of 1,602,964 steps. Team One consisted of all-stars Professor/Coordinator of Developmental English Tim LaFountaine, Psychology Faculty Member Tricia Lafountaine, Professor/Coordinator of English John Stazinski and Professor/Coordinator of Computer Information Systems Charu Trivedi.

Second place was randomly selected from a group of teams that showed consistent improvement throughout the challenge, and went to The Welcome Warriors (Clerk III-Welcome Center Donna Hall, Clerk III-Solution Station Matthew Preston, Clerk III-Welcome Center Customer Service Assistant Josie Santos, and Vice President for Strategic Enrollment & Student Engagement Michelle Tufau).

Director of Health and Wellness Heather Lukas said that her team wanted to create the walking challenge as a way to inspire QCC staff and faculty to increase their daily movement, which is so important in a world where a lot of people spend most of their time in front of computers during the workday.

"I was thrilled we had so much interest and the level of competition surprised me! Personally, this challenge really helped motivate me to surpass my goals and get moving," Lukas said.

Another reason Lukas wanted QCC to hold a walking challenge was to increase interaction during a time when many people are in remote environments.

"This challenge not only got us get moving, but  also helped us build and strengthen our relationships so really in my eyes we all won," Lukas added.

For more information on wellness programming contact Heather Lukas at hlukas [at]