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Student Trustee Election Results Are In

May 2023
  • Student Trustee Maria Mikhaeil
    Student Trustee Maria Mikhaeil

QCC students have voted and the new 2023-2024 Student Trustee is Maria Mikhaeil. Maria is in her first year at QCC. 

Maria's statement:

"Hello everyone, 

My name is Maria Mikhaeil and I am your newly elected Student Trustee. Most of you don't know who I am as I just started in QCC, and I admit it's all a little bit new to me too, but that doesn't make me any less fit for this position. I know what's required of me as a member of the Board of Trustees and I hope to bring new ideas and contribute to something that makes going to school here more manageable for you all. We all have busy schedules that are hard to work around; believe me, I get it, and I hope I can do more on the board to make everyone's lives a little bit easier. So thank you for putting your trust in me!  I look forward to filling the position of Student Trustee."

Please make sure to say hello if you see her around campus!