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STEM Deans Announce STEM Students of the Semester

May 2023
  • STEM Students of the Semester for Spring 2023
    STEM Students of the Semester for Spring 2023

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Deans Betty Lauer (School of Business, Engineering & Technology) and Ben Benton (School of Mathematics and Science) have announced the names of QCC students being recognized for the Spring 2023 semester program as STEM Students of the Semester. This program is designed to recognize the efforts and achievements of QCC STEM students. STEM faculty selected students in the STEM areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The semester-based recognition program “has increased the visibility of STEM programs at QCC,” Dean Benton said. "We were so impressed with participation in Fall 2022 and we were thrilled to have more students selected by our STEM faculty for Spring. By sharing the stories of STEM students, we hope to inspire others to consider a STEM program of study."

“Selected students have demonstrated persistence in their academic studies, often overcoming obstacles and assisting other students” explained Dean Lauer, who added, “We are thrilled to acknowledge the efforts of these students.”

The STEM Students of the Semester for Spring 2023 were notified by a letter from the faculty member who selected them and the Dean of their School. Students attended a recognition breakfast on April 18 where they received a Certificate of Achievement presented by QCC President Dr. Luis Pedraja. The students are:


  • Adam Plummer
  • Amina Akbour
  • Brittany Soompholphakdy
  • Colette Renee Bernier
  • Evensha Raven Semerzier
  • Jack Nugent
  • Jala M. Tadros
  • Jessica Lynn Oberle
  • Jordyn Poirier
  • Larissa Souza
  • Livia LaCava
  • Mehrael Towadros
  • Michael Githure
  • Naisha Paulino Estremer
  • Ogochukwu Precious Nwasolu
  • Omer Keoni Rona
  • Wilfrid Fotso Tasse


  • Courtney Carol Mara
  • David Shwartz
  • Deborah Lynne Hill
  • Ebenezer Yaw Ahiator
  • Rafael Esteban Cruz Carvajal
  • Ryan 
  • Timothy Dziedzic
  • Tom Reilly
  • Tommy Estevez


  • Aaron Bishop       
  • Alexander Stepanov       
  • Arwa Niyazi
  • Charles Schmohl
  • Chloe Hatstat         
  • Eric Lammi
  • Frances Marie Fernandez
  • Jeremy Delacruz                 
  • Luke Harmon   
  • Makayla Strzelewicz       
  • Mohammed Almamoori
  • Rose Duchemin        
  • Samantha Nordstrom 
  • Tue Gia Lac             
  • Yvone Wahome


  • Arwa Niyazi
  • Brian Gagnon
  • Elion Sholla
  • Octavia Zahoruiko
  • Savanna Beliveau
  • Stefany Cuesta Ramirez
  • Valerie Girard


Student success stories will be shared in various QCC media channels, including the current and future issues of The Wyvern Guardian.

For more information, contact STEM Initiatives Program Administrator, Adrienne Linnell at alinnell [at]