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Guest Speaker Tim Wise Offers Insights Into Systemic Racism

February 2021

QCC’s Black Student Union and the Diversity Caucus recently hosted guest speaker Tim Wise in a live Zoom webinar on February 23.

Mr. Wise is among the most prominent anti-racist writers and educators in the United States. He has spent the past 25 years speaking to audiences on over 1,500 campuses, at hundreds of conferences, and to community groups across the country. He has provided anti-racism training to educators and administrators nationwide and internationally. During the hour-long webinar, he shared information on ending systemic racism and increasing awareness at QCC, as well as in our community.

According to Human Services Professor Brenda Safford, co-chair of the President's Advisory Council on Equity, co-chair of the Diversity Caucus and advisor of QCC’s Black Student Union, there were 250 members of the college community in attendance, of which 160 were students.

“In July 2020, President Pedraja charged the College to begin the work on the Equity Initiative. It requires everyone, to have a clear and thoughtful understanding of diversity, inclusion, and equity. The Black Student Union and the Diversity Caucus' major objective of inviting Mr. Wise was for him to share his knowledge and increase understanding and awareness of systemic racism to help further the college’s progress regarding the Equity Initiative,” Professor Safford said.

"We were so excited to have so many faculty, staff, students and community members in attendance to hear Mr. Wise speak. Feedback has been very positive and one faculty member shared some of her students' reactions to the presentation included eye-opening, informative, necessary, captivating and interesting," said Selina Boria, co-chair of the President's Advisory Council on Equity and the Diversity Caucus.