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Support Services Help QCC Student Stay the Course

January 2021
  • QCC Foundation President Dr. Linda Maykel (L)and Dean of Compliance, Enrollment & Student Services Liz Woods
    From left: QCC Foundation President Dr. Linda Maykel and Dean of Compliance, Enrollment & Student Services Liz Woods help out at the QCC Food Pantry. This resource is available to all QCC students in need of its services.

For non-traditional student veteran Luis Bajana, attending QCC has become his “three times the charm” moment.  After attending a year at a New York university for security management, then a community college to become a veterinary technician when he was younger, life had other plans for him that included attending QCC. The QCC engineering student is currently working his way toward an Associate degree that he hopes will take him to UMass Lowell and a bachelor’s degree.

Like many QCC students, Mr. Bajana has seen his share of challenges and hardships in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A married father of grown children as well as a 7-year-old son, Mr. Bajana spent his Fall semester with a full-load of remote courses, while also helping his second-grader with his remote home schooling. While Mr. Bajana attends college full-time, his wife is works outside of the home.

By his own admission, there were times in the past year when he felt financially challenged. He said he is grateful to QCC, who he turned to when he needed a bit of assistance.

“I really appreciate the opportunities I received through the Cares Act Fund and QCC’s Student Emergency Fund. These resources are there to help you. I’m man enough to say when I needed help, I needed help,” he said. “I so appreciate the funds that are available to us at QCC.”

Mr. Bajana said he is grateful for the assistance he received from the College and he wants to pay it forward by letting his younger classmates know it’s OK to seek advice and assistance if you need it.

“Never be too proud to ask for help. We’re in this together so reach out and ask for help if you need it,” he continued. “When the pandemic first hit I used the QCC Food Pantry because things were so up in the air. It’s there for us to use if we need it, so then why not use it if you need it? My family ate and it’s helped us push through this pandemic.”

To find information for support services, visit Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information Center.