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Mentors Needed for Spring Semester

December, 2020
  • Jennifer Bemis fills students in about the merits of QCC Mentoring at the Fall 2019 Club Rush event.
    Jennifer Bemis fills students in about the merits of QCC Mentoring at the Fall 2019 Club Rush event.

Research shows that college mentoring programs positively affect students’ success and graduate outcomes. According to a 2018 Gallup Alumni Survey," college graduates are almost two times more likely to be engaged at work if they had a mentor who encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams."

The impact of mentors is undeniable. Today the need for mentors is even greater due to the challenges many community college students are now facing due to the coronavirus-COVID-19 pandemic. Some students have lost their jobs becoming housing and food insecure. Some are helping their own children with remote learning while they are also navigating their own remote learning.

QCC’s Mentoring Program has made a large impact in student success both academically and personally. The program provides a way for QCC students to connect with mentors and build positive relationships to support their college experience. Students will also develop employer desired skills, gain an understanding of workplace expectations and networking to increase their likelihood of finding a rewarding career.

“My mentor never gave up on me. This program empowers you not just as a student but as a person to overcome so many obstacles in your life that sometimes hold you back,” said student mentee Ramona Reed.

The QCC Mentoring Program is currently looking for mentors for its Spring semester, as the need for mentors is great.  Already there are over 150 mentors, who are making a difference in the lives of QCC students. Some current mentors are QCC alumni, who intimately understand the struggles and achievements of being a community college student.

“As an alumnus, I wanted to continue to find ways to support the community that has allowed me to further my education. Thanks to the QCC Mentoring Program, I have been able to do just that by sharing my experience and introducing students to all the available resources the school offers to reach one’s educational goals.  Without the amazing mentors’ support and guidance, many of our students would have to navigate the terrains of QCC alone. By joining the mentoring program, we can ensure that every student knows that we are here to offer experience, guidance, and support,” said new mentor Abel Delgado.

To learn more visit QCC Mentoring Program.