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QCC Offers Three Types of Remote Instruction

October, 2020
  • Choose the type of remote learning that works best for you.
    Choose the type of remote learning that works best for you.

As Quinsigamond Community College continues with remote instruction for the Winter Intersession and Spring Semesters, making sure everyone understands what remote instruction actually means is critical to students' success. While the courses students' choose may not include all these options, below is a description of each modality.

Online Remote:

This instruction is provided by your professor through a web-based learning management system and is not held in real time. Students interact with their faculty and classmates and participate in activities, and complete assignments working on their own time while meeting course due date requirements throughout the semester. It’s important to note that class meetings are not held in real time. Online remote courses are set up with assignments and activities that must be completed by certain due dates. Students will not see days or times when selecting courses.

Real Time Remote:

This instruction is provided through a live, virtual class experience for the hours assigned by the faculty. Students will access their class via the internet through a link that will be provided by the instructor. Faculty may reduce some virtual live instruction time to provide students an opportunity to work on class assignments during course time. Students will see all day and time remote meeting times when selecting courses, during which they must be available to participate.


Hybrid classes provide some of the instruction in a remote modality via the internet and some instruction in person, on campus. These courses are for certain clinical, lab or practicum experiences. The number of on campus meetings will vary for each course. Students will see the days and times they need to come to campus when selecting courses, which they must be available to attend.