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QCC Harnesses the Power of Remote Learning

March, 2020
  • QCC student Murillo Gomes
    Remote learning can be done anywhere there is a computer and Internet connection, as demonstrated by QCC student Murillo Gomes.

As students came back from an extended spring break due to the Coronavirus, they came back to a new remote mode of learning. For some students this may be the first foray into this type of learning, for others it may be more familiar. Remote instruction can mean many different things depending upon the course and instructor. Over the past two weeks, professors have reached out to students and detailed their courses’ required mode of instruction, as students entered into their last weeks of the spring semester.

“It is with great pride and humility that I thank the QCC community for their support during these difficult times. In record time, our faculty, staff and students have adjusted to our new mode of remote instruction and supported one another in ways that have left me speechless,” said QCC President Dr. Luis Pedraja. “Our students came back to a well thought out plan in which to continue their classes.”

All QCC services, as well as student support services have also transitioned to online that include everything from simple email communication, to remote meetings and get togethers on various online platforms. All contact information and services can be found on the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information Center . For students in need of transfer advising services, there is currently regular drop-in transfer advising sessions using Zoom video conferencing. To learn more, visit QCC Transfer Services.

“We will have some challenges to overcome in the days and weeks to come, but I know that as we all pull together as a community, there is nothing we can’t accomplish,” Dr. Pedraja added.