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STEM Students of the Month – September 2019

October, 2019
  • Amy Kaiser and Daniel Larrabee
    Amy Kaiser and Daniel Larrabee
  • From left: Jonah Wicklund, Sama Abdulrazzaq and Jadvyga (Jackie) Jonaviciute
    From left: Jonah Wicklund, Sama Abdulrazzaq and Jadvyga (Jackie) Jonaviciute

Each month, the professors in QCC’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs recognize and acknowledge the perseverance of one student in their perspective STEM areas. Below are the September 2019 STEM Students of the Month with a few comments from the professors who nominated them. They include:

ScienceAmy Kaiser, nominated by Professor and Coordinator of QCC Liberal Arts Environmental Science (LAES) Program, Anita Soracco.

“Amy first came to QCC intending to major in Communications, but was still seeking her true passion. She switched into the Liberal Arts-Environmental Science Option, and has been pursuing this dream since.  Her ultimate goal is to work as a scientist doing data analysis, environmental permitting and field work,” Ms. Soracco said. “Amy is an example of someone who realized what her true interests are at QCC, and made the bold decision to pursue that goal and excel.  Amy will make a wonderful scientist and do great things for our planet.”

Technology Jonah Wicklund, nominated by Lee Duerden, professor and Coordinator of QCC Manufacturing Technology Programs and Damian Kieran, professor of Manufacturing Technology.

According to both professors, “Jonah is a dedicated student who has been making steady progress towards his degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology while working full time at IPG.” Professor Kieran noted that Jonah’s presentation on Manufacturing Safety was great,  adding that he offers real world examples in class based on his work experiences.

Engineering - Jadvyga (Jackie) Jonaviciute and Sama Abdulrazzaq nominated by Engineering Professor Dadbeh Bigonahy. 

“When they learned of the opportunity of receiving a 10-week Research Experiences for Undergraduates grant (“REU”) available at WPI during the summer months, both Sama and Jackie jumped at the chance. They each applied, and were both selected to be research fellows for the summer 2019,” Mr. Bigonahy said. “As research fellows, Jackie and Sama became members of different project teams. In addition to their research, they participated in a summer program held at WPI where they acted as mentors to a group of middle school girls. I am so pleased that the work done by Sama and Jackie will be recognized at the BMES conference. They are both talented students with bright futures.”

MathematicsDaniel Larrabee​, nominated by Mathematics Professor Andreana Grimaldo.

According to Grimaldo, Ms. Daniel Larrabee began his studies at QCC during Summer 2018.  Prior to QCC, he had a unique high school experience and spent six years in China where he was home-schooled.  Coming to QCC was an adjustment but he has found success.  He began by taking MAT 122 Statistics during summer 2018 and then moved into taking MAT 233 Calculus I during Fall 2018.  He found he enjoyed the challenge of math and science and soon declared his major as Bio-medical Engineering.  Over summer 2019, he continued his math studies in Calculus II.  Coming into Fall 2019, he is well-vested in the engineering program and currently taking Calculus III along with other engineering courses.   Daniel has consistently made Dean's List and, recently was nominated and accepted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  During his free time, you can find Daniel tutoring math to fellow QCC students in the Math Center.  "Daniel is a hardworking student and his grades show it,” she added.