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Faculty and Staff Attend Enlightening Symposium

October, 2019
  • White Privilege Symposium
    From left: Associate Professor of Human Services Brenda Safford, Professor of Sociology Byron Thomas, Executive Assistant to the President for Policy, Governance, and Diversity Selina Boria and Professor of Sociology Gaelan Benway
  • White Privilege Symposium
    QCC facilty and staff attend the White Privilege Symposium at Lesley University.

On Oct. 4 and 5, QCC staff and faculty members Gaelan Benway, Selina Boria, Brenda Safford and Byron Thomas attended the White Privilege Symposium at Lesley University.  The White Privilege Symposium is a project of The Privilege Institute, a 501(c)(3) best known for its annual conference, the White Privilege Conference. The White Privilege Conference (WPC) is a 20-year international conference founded by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. This was a high energy and loving community space that allowed attendees to learn more about concepts of white supremacy, power, privilege, leadership, oppression and the impact of structural inequities.

The WPC offered various opportunities for building community, interactive learning, and action planning.  The keynote speakers included: Darnisa Amante, Ed.L.D., CEO DEEP (Disruptive Equity Education Project), Robin DiAngelo, New York Times Bestselling Author of White Fragility and Yusef Salaam, Motivational Speaker and Member of the wrongly convicted and exonerated Central Park 5.