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STEM Students of the Month

April, 2019
  • From left: Erika Pillco and Rachael Cormier
    From left: Erika Pillco and Rachael Cormier
  • Juslyn Codjoe
    Juslyn Codjoe

Each month, the professors in QCC’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program recognize and acknowledge the perseverance of one student in their perspective STEM programs. Below is the second group of STEM Students of the Month with a few comments from the professors who nominated them. They include:

Science – Erika Pillco, nominated by Assistant Professor of Biology Opeyemi Odewale.

“Ms. Erika Pillco has a genuine interest to learn. She always comes to class prepared and is always willing to participate in class. She is self-motivated and although she might find some topics difficult, she always challenges herself to do her very best,” Mr. Odewale said.

Technology – Rachael Cormier, nominated by Assistant Professor of Computer Systems Engineering Technology Dean Polnerow.

“Rachael completed her associate degree in Enterprise Information Technology at QCC, while also working as a member of the QCC IT Help Desk support staff. After attending a conference at Northeastern University in Spring semester 2018, she became very interested in cybersecurity. In fact, Rachael became so interested that she decided to pursue a second associate degree at QCC in Cybersecurity. She expects to complete that degree this May, and plans to transfer to Northeastern to work on furthering her education in Information Technology. I think she is a great example of how students can be successful at QCC,” Mr. Polnerow said.

Engineering – Nicholas McGovern, nominated by Associate Professor of Manufacturing Technology Damian Kieran.

“Nicholas is an excellent student. He participates well in class and asks great questions. He produces great assignments and gets everything done on time. He is curious and was excited to work on projects in the Fab Lab,” Mr. Kiernan said.

Mathematics – Juslyn Codjoe, nominated by Professor of Mathematics Donna Dominguez.

“Juslyn is a very dedicated student who put in consistent effort, and a lot of it, throughout the semester to learn the material. She kept up with assignments on a timely basis, was thorough in their completion and, although on the quieter side, was a willing participant in class discussions.  Juslyn's homework on transformations of functions was a work of art, color-coded and all! Her grade for the semester was one of the top in the class,” Ms. Dominquez said.

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