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QCC Student Checks-In to an Exciting Career in Hotel Management

March, 2019
  • QCC student Quran “Q” Avery
    Hotel Management student Quran “Q” Avery

Sometimes the best laid plans don’t always turn out the way you expect, but that’s not always a bad thing. Just ask QCC student Quran “Q” Avery, a hotel management student who it set to graduate this May.

Mr. Avery came to Quinsigamond the indirect way. A resident of Worcester, graduate of St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury and the oldest of seven children, Mr. Avery attended the University of Hartford after high school prepared to begin his collegiate life. There was just one problem. After a year and a half the expenses became too much.

 “I came back home and right away I thought of QCC. It was affordable and a lot family members went to there,” he said. “I’m from Worcester and I knew a lot about QCC. My dad called it, ‘Harvard on the hill.’”

Mr. Avery said he had a lot of exposure to “Quinsig” so it was a “no-brainer for me to get a fresh start.”  He did a lot of soul-searching trying to decide on what he wanted to major in (he had been a general students major at Hartford), he settled on the hospitality field.

“I love people and love helping people. I used to watch my mom set up for guests and knew I wanted to be in the hospitality industry,” he said.

Mr. Avery began attending QCC and embraced his hospitality courses and the college environment.  He plans to receive his Hospitality Management Certificate in May and in December, he expects to be done his associate degree in Hospitality and Recreation Management - Foodservice Management Option. 

His love for QCC is apparent.

“Advisors and professors are always willing to help and there’s an open line of communication. I like the work-oriented nature here. It’s really motivating to see everyone working hard,” he said, noting that no matter whatever time of day, when he goes to the library it’s always full of students who are studying.

“My gratitude is through the roof and without QCC I’m not sure where I would be,” he said.

Professor, Hospitality & Recreation Management Patricia “Pat” Hutchinson is someone who he said has been a huge role model and mentor.

“She is so inspiring and I’m learning so much. You can get in contact whenever you need her,” Mr. Avery said. “She’s helped me to take the steps of where I want to be.”

Mr. Avery is currently working a co-op job at the Doubletree hotel in Westborough, while also taking classes. His plan is to go right into the workforce after graduating, with the goal of being a general manager at a hotel (his dream location is California would be ideal!).

“I wish I came here first. I’m really very happy where I am and the field I chose,” he said, adding. “I’m glad I came home.”

QCC is glad “Q”came home too!