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QCC Nursing Programs Holds Pinning Ceremonies For Nursing Graduates

January, 2019
  • The December 14 ADN Advanced Placement RN students pinning ceremony.
    The December 14 ADN Advanced Placement RN students pinning ceremony.
  • Graduates from the Day Associate Nursing Program
    Graduates from the Day Associate Nursing Program listen to speakers during their pinning ceremony.
  • QCC’s Dean of the School of Healthcare Pat Schmohl
    QCC’s Dean of the School of Healthcare Pat Schmohl addresses the nursing graduates.

Nursing is not a 9 to 5 job and those who choose a career in nursing recognize the dedication and devotion it takes to enter the profession. On December 14 and 20, over 80 Advanced Placement evening program nursing students and day nursing students received their pins at pinning ceremonies held at the Harrington Learning Center.

Pinning ceremonies have become an important part of nursing graduations, going back as far as the 1800s. Each nursing school has a unique, identifiable pin that differentiates where the students earned their nursing degree. Each QCC nursing student also received a lamp, which represents one of the most celebrated nurses in history, Florence Nightingale, who was known as the “lady with the lamp,” for her nightly sojourns taking care of injured soldiers. The Nurse’s Pledge was also recited at each pinning ceremony, which is based on the Florence Nightingale pledge of practicing the nursing profession with integrity, honesty and commitment.

QCC President Dr. Luis Pedraja and QCC’s Dean of the School of Healthcare Pat Schmohl each gave opening remarks and congratulated the graduates.

“I love seeing all of the smiling faces on the stage and the proud family, children, and friends in the audience. The energy in our auditorium during a nursing pinning ceremony cannot be reproduced. Students are always so thankful to their family, friends and faculty during the actual pinning,” said Mr. Schmohl, adding, “The pinning ceremonies are always an inspiration.”

Graduates from the AP Evening Nursing Program included:

Adesina Adegoke
Kwabena Agyei
Caitlyn Andrews
Solomon Asare
Daisy Chege
Danielle Colpritt
Brittany Crooker
Katherine Daly - President
Amanda Davies
Stephanie Faranda
Edna Fine
Jennifer Fitzgerald
Janet Fortune
Amanda Gibree  - Vice President
Lillian Gichobi
Jessica Goyer – Secretary
Natalie Hartzell
Nancy Irianki
Peter Kimani
Yuliana King
Anjuli Kinell
Ann Labonte
Justin Lemieux – Class Representative
Heather Manning
Richard Marinelli
Dawn McInnes
Kara Miller
John Muchiri
Hannah Mungai
Catherine Munyua
Nicole Murphy
Robin Myrick
Faustina Odoi
Deborah O’Leary
Timothy Pepin
Viktorya Rubinova
Paige Shea - Treasurer
Ashley Starr
Jennifer Thorpe
Jillian Toomey
Jahleh Valipour
Esther Wanjuche
Francisca Williams

Graduates from the Day Associate Nursing Program included:

Daniel Anderson
Mercy Asare
Alfredina Asomaning
Mary Ball
Jessica Bergeron
Ethan Caless
Rebecca Carroll
Katelyn-Rose Church
Ashley Davis
Allison Denman
Joselyn Diaz
Jenna Eddy
Brianna Flanagan
Esther Gabriel-Gergous
Januka Ghimiray
Haley Hitchings
Brianne Johnson
Marissa Kaminski
Andrea Lacey
Kelly Lekas
Erin Lombardi 
Jacqueline Marinelli
Catherine Marschall
Kayla Mendelowitz
Jackelyn Miranda 
Zailynett Naranjo
Gifty Oppong 
Courtney Paquin
Ashley Perez
Briana Picard
Rachel Pilver 
Rosalie Pulsifer
Sheila Quick
Jules Rezidor
Keila Silva
Amanda Smith
Emmanuela St Surin
Deven Turner