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The Capacity for Greatness Through QCC’s New Mentoring Program

October, 2018
  • Gabe Santner Director of Mentoring for Perkins Programs
    Gabe Santner Director of Mentoring for Perkins Programs welcomes mentors and mentees to the QCC mentoring program kickoff event.
  • QCC President Dr. Luis Pedraja discusses the merits of mentoring.
    QCC President Dr. Luis Pedraja discusses the merits of mentoring.
  • Abbvie BioresearchTraining Manager John Sauers
    Abbvie BioresearchTraining Manager John Sauers
  • Former mentee turned mentor Geovanni Cruz
    Former mentee turned mentor Geovanni Cruz

Giovanni Cruz stated it best when he described QCC’s mentoring program as, “people change people.” A former QCC mentee, Mr. Cruz said it was through mentors both past and present that have helped him on his journey; a journey that led him to his current job as the AmeriCorps vista for the QCC mentoring program.

A total of 115 mentors that included community partners, faculty staff and alumni and 190 mentees were part of the inaugural mentoring program's kick-off event on October 11 at QCC’s Hebert Auditorium. Mentors and mentees listened to former mentors and mentees before a breakout session to meet their new mentor/mentee.

“You, the mentors, made a commitment to assist our students in achieving their academic and professional goals,” said QCC Dean of Students Theresa Vecchio. “Mentees made a commitment to themselves to achieve their goals.”

QCC President Dr. Luis Pedraja told of his own personal experiences both as a mentee and mentor and how powerful they were for him.

“I believe in the power of mentorship. I believe that mentors are essential,” he said. “It takes a community to help a college student succeed, especially a first-generation college student.”

One such community partner that has made a big impact on the new mentoring program is Abbvie Bioresearch Center in Worcester. Training Manager John Sauers expounded on the company’s relationship with QCC over the years, from assisting in the development of a successful course to helping with the college’s current mentoring program.

“I presented a poster on QCC’s mentoring program at our networking open house and 35 people were interested,” he said, adding that currently 17 from the company have signed up to be mentors.

He said this was the power of mentoring.

“This illustrated people who love what they do and are willing to share that with others. I really feel mentoring is connecting the dots forward,” Mr. Sauers said.

QCC Dean of Compliance Liz Woods said mentoring brings as much to the mentors as it does the mentees.

“For me I know I’ve shared in the success of an exam; joy of a job search; the birth of a child…even a winning soccer season,” she said. “We rise by lifting others, assisting that other person in meeting their goals no matter what they are.”

The new QCC mentoring program is so successful already there is a waiting list of 50 students.

“We’re just starting and my hope is one day everyone who wants a mentor has one,” Dr. Pedraja said. “Tell people at your work, in your community, alums and at churches. It does take a community to help our students and by working together as a community you are all part of the QCC family and family sticks together and supports each other.”

Visit QCC mentoring to learn more about the program.