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Students Display Honors Program Projects

April, 2017
  • Students present at Honors Program Showcase
  • Students present at Honors Program Showcase
  • Student presents at Honors Program Showcase
  • Student presents at Honors Program Showcase
  • Students present at Honors Program Showcase

The annual Honors Program Showcase gives students a chance to display their poster and presentation on their honors research from this semester’s Honors Colloquium, “Rewriting Ourselves: An Exploration of Emerging Paradigms.” 

The showcase was held April 27, in the Harrington Learning Center, and was open to faculty and students. Eleven students researched topics ranging from the future of employment to the use of artificial intelligence. The students also presented their projects at the University of Massachusetts Amherst at the annual Undergraduate Research Conference on April 28.

English Professor Susan McPherson, and Jean Kennedy, Human Services professor, co-taught the Honors Capstone Course, which honors students are required to take to graduate. It is a seminar-style course, each student works on a research project for the semester with the goal to create a scholarly writing project and presentation. This is one of the requirements of the Commonwealth Honors Scholars program, and helps students prepare for the four-year college experience.

The following students were involved in this year’s Honors Program:

  • Richmond Amoako (BT): The Future of Employment
  • Leah Berthiaume (GSHC): The Evolution of Consciousness: Qualia vs Attention Schema Theory
  • Kristi Door (LA): The Rise of Neopaganism in the West
  • Rachel Ferdinand (LA): Millennials: A New American Ideology
  • Amanda LeBeau (GS): The Illusion of Death
  • Nathan Manna (Gateway): The Theatricality of Reality
  • Peter Orlovsky (GS): Drug-Resistant Bacteria
  • Alondra Pichardo (LA-PSY): Artificial Intelligence: Are We Ready for It?
  • Cristian Robles (BT): The Rise of Populism and Rejection of Globalism
  • Maximus Seale (BT): The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Self Driving Cars
  • Mary Tremblay (LA): Mindfulness: The Future Cure for Psychological Disorders

The Honors Program at QCC is accredited by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education as a Commonwealth Honors Program. It is part of an integrated, collaborative system-wide network of honors programs in Massachusetts public higher education. Students participating in the Honors Program:

  • Complete selected courses on an Honors level.
  • Participate in an Honors Colloquium.
  • Participate in cultural and social events.
  • Receive personal guidance and peer support.
  • Increase their transfer and scholarship opportunities.

For more information about the Honors Program and Showcase, visit the Commonwealth Honors program page.